Game Boy Color Animation for ‘Pokemon Sword and Shield’


8-Bit Artist Shares on Twitter

Sindorman, a talented 8-bit or pixel artist, is remaking “Pokemon Sword and Shield” for Game Boy Color.

Game Boy Color Animation for ‘Pokemon Sword and Shield’

Some of you may have wondered how some of the most recent “Pokemon” games released on Nintendo’s modern handheld gaming console, the Nintendo Switch, would have looked if they were released during the Game Boy Color’s heyday.

We could only imagine the pixel animation of these modern Pokemon games in our heads before now.

Someone made it a reality this time by recreating the “Pokemon Sword and Shield” to look like it came from a Game Boy Color.

Pokemon Redesign by a Pixel Artist

According to Nintendo Life, Sindorman, a pixel artist, went above and beyond by completely redesigning the 2019 Pokemon game using Adobe Photoshop to make it look like it was released more than two decades ago.

Sindorman then went on to recreate the early parts of the Nintendo Switch game in pixel art in an 11-second video posted to Twitter.

The pixel animation video on Twitter featured the part of “Sword and Shield” where the player chooses their starter Pokemon, according to Nintendo Enthusiast.

Sindorman can be seen choosing his starter Pokemon in the Galar region in the game’s 90s-inspired pixel animation video.

It also featured Grooky, Scorbunny, and Sobble’s adorable pixel art looks.

In addition, the pixel artist stuffed a Game Boy remix of the “Pokemon Sword and Shield” theme song, which gave the animation a more 90s vibe.

Selecting a Galar starter (on the Gameboy Color) pic.twitter.comlFAPjdsTKM

— Sindorman (@sindorman) January 9, 2022: “My commissions are open!”

If you have save data for ‘Sword and Shield,’ you will receive Shaymin in ‘Pokemon Legends: Arceus.’

To Get Shiny Legendary Birds, Play “Pokemon Sword and Shield.”

Meanwhile, “Pokemon Sword and Shield” is getting the shiny version of the legendary birds, according to a report by NME.

It comes after The Pokemon Company announced that players of “Sword and Shield” will have the opportunity to receive free legendary birds in the coming months of 2022.

The legendary Pokemons will be given away as prizes in the upcoming 2022 event.

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