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Gabi Goddard, 27, was wearing ‘scrunch bottom’ shorts inside out when she was kicked out of gym

A power lifter who was booted from a gym for showing ‘too much skin’ was wearing ‘scrunch bottom’ cycling shorts inside out when the incident occurred, creating the illusion that she had a G-string on over her pants.

Gabi Goddard was working out at a studio on Sydney’s north shore on August 14 when she was approached by a member of staff who asked her to go home and change into different clothes if she wanted to continue her session.

When she asked why, the 27-year-old was told a teacher chaperoning a group of teenage pupils at the facility was concerned about the children being distracted by her revealing ensemble.

Enraged, Gabi shared the scathing complaint she sent to the school principal in an Instagram post which quickly went viral.

But she’s since discovered it was the gym owner who took issue with her outfit after mistakenly believing she was wearing scanty lingerie on the outside of her shorts.

In a piece for Mamamia, Ms Goddard revealed staff had initially asked if she was wearing a G-string.

Unaware that her shorts were on inside out, she said the question ‘dumbfounded’ her as she couldn’t comprehend why she was being asked about her underwear.

‘G-strings are all I ever wear; they’re comfortable and I like having no lines underneath my clothing. Wait, this is INSANE. Why am I defending my underwear choices to the gym,’ she said. 

The owner then explained how the ruched design on the back of her shorts – specifically designed to enhance the behind – made it look as if she had slipped underwear on over them, and asked if she had clothes she could change into or a towel to wrap around her waist.

Ms Goddard replied that ‘it would be difficult to deadlift in a towel’ and agreed to leave before raising the matter in a complaint to the school principal.

The principal apologised for any ‘distress’ but insisted the issue had not been instigated by a teacher, prompting Ms Goddard to speak with the gym owner who admitted she had taken issue with the shorts all along.

Inside-out fabric notwithstanding, Ms Goddard doubled down and declared: ‘I still firmly what I wore was totally appropriate and also, no one’s business but mine.’

She said she has worn the outfit, which was in ‘no way gratuitous’ nor violated any dress codes, at countless other gyms and never received a single complaint. 

The incident saw many jump to her defence, including prolific Australian feminist Clementine Ford and popular Instagram account, The Nasty Woman Club, where followers vented their outrage.

One said: ‘This stuff drives me crazy, I wouldn’t want my daughter being told what to wear by a stranger.’

Others called it ‘infuriating’ and ‘unacceptable’ and asked how they could support Ms Goddard’s complaint.

But Ms Goddard also faced a barrage of backlash from strangers telling her to ‘cover up’ in more conservative clothes. 

Following the furore, Ms Goddard has since switched gyms.

She shared a video on Saturday of herself working out in a different studio wearing striped leggings and a blue crop top with the caption: ‘Don’t look at my bum though.’

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