Gabby’s family believes she’s ‘communicating from the grave’ for three reasons, ranging from chipmunks to rainbows.


GABBY Petito is communicating with loved ones from beyond the grave, her family say.

Gabby’s stepfather revealed the slain 22-year-old has been sending “signs” as a manhunt continues for her fugitive fiance Brian Laundrie.

Gabby, 22, was found dead in Wyoming on September 19 after she vanished on a cross-country road trip with Laundrie, who had returned home to Florida without her two weeks earlier.

Laundrie was deemed a person of interest after he himself disappeared on September 13 after allegedly telling his parents he was going camping.

Shortly after her body was found, Gabby’s family held a press conference to demand justice.

“She’s always with us every day, she’s giving us signs,” Gabby’s stepfather Jim Schmidt said.

“It’s difficult, we’ve been talking and where do you go from here?

“How do you go back to normal, whatever normal may be from here on out, but we have each other.”

One of those signs was a rainbow that Jim said helped lead authorities to Gabby’s body.

“It’s wild stuff,” Jim told Dr Phil last week.”When they started with the grid search in the area where she was found, it had to be called off at the end of the day because of the weather.

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“But as the weather started to break, a rainbow was over the area and stopped over the area where she was found the next day.

“We also saw a bald-headed eagle and search and rescue said that meant we would find her tomorrow.”

Gabby’s stepmother Tara Petito also spoke about seeing four rainbows in the sky as they were flying.

“I’ve never seen a rainbow on a flight before never mind four,” she told Dr Phil.

The family also believes Gabby is sending them signs through chipmunks appearing to watch them.

“A chipmunk was following me along the path where I went out to where the body was found,” Jim said.

“And when I was placing the rocks to make the cross a chipmunk came out from a hole and sat there and watched me.

“I thought maybe that was Gabby watching me.”

“They’ve been at our house and I’ve never seen a chipmunk in Long Island,” her dad Joe Petito added.

Gabby’s mother Nicole Schmidt said a third sign came when she was driving.

She said she looked up and noticed the car in front of her had a Wyoming sticker and the letters GBZ on the license plate – which she interpreted as “gabz.”

“It’s hard to put into words, but it means a lot to me that she’s touched so many lives already and it’s only weeks… Brinkwire Brief News.


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