Gabby Petito’s latest news — Nancy Grace’s TV special airs, in which she predicts what the autopsy will reveal as the Brian Laundrie investigation continues.


NANCY Grace theorized that wildlife activity or intense weather could have caused damage to Gabby Petito’s body and may have concealed things a coroner would use to determine her cause of death.

But she also said during a TMZ Live appearance that the fact that authorities could quickly identify Gabby’s tattoos means there’s hope her body was discovered somewhat intact.

The speculations comes as part of the Fox Nation documentary A Gabby Petito Investigation with Nancy Grace.

Plus, Gabby’s family slammed Brian Laundrie’s parents on Dr Phil for “ignoring them” and urged their daughter’s fugitive fiancé to “turn yourself in.”

During Dr Phil’s exclusive two-part interview with Gabby’s heartbroken dad Joe Petito, mom Nicole Schmidt, and her stepparents, the four said they do not believe the missing man is dead.

Gabby’s dad told Dr Phil he considers Brian and “anyone” in the Laundrie family’s Florida home a “coward” because he hasn’t cooperated with the police.

“We need answers,” stepdad Jim said. “Your only making it worse for yourself, for us, and for your family. Give us some closure, to go back to the memories we had with her.”

The first part of the interview with Petito’s parents, Gabby Petito’s Family Speaks Out – A Dr. Phil Exclusive, premiered on October 5, 2021 while the second part, Gabby’s Parents Come Together, aired on October 6.

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Gabby’s mother Nicole Schmidt said a third sign came when she was driving.

She said she looked up and noticed the car in front of her had a Wyoming sticker and the letters GBZ on the license plate – which she interpreted as “gabz.”

“It’s hard to put into words, but it means a lot to me that she’s touched so many lives already and it’s only weeks into it and I’m so proud of her,” Nicole said.


The family also believes Gabby is sending them signs through chipmunks appearing to watch them.

“A chipmunk was following me along the path where I went out to where the body was found,” Gabby’s stepfather Jim Schmidt told Dr Phil.

“And when I was placing the rocks to make the cross a chipmunk came out from a hole and sat there and watched me.

“I thought maybe that was Gabby watching me.”

“They’ve been at our house and I’ve never seen a chipmunk in Long Island,” her dad Joe Petito added.


One of the signs Gabby’s stepfather Jim Schmidt told Dr Phil about was a rainbow that “helped lead authorities to Gabby’s body.”

“It’s wild stuff,” Jim told Dr Phil last week.”When they started with the grid search in… Brinkwire Brief News.


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