Gabby Petito must have been terrified knowing she was about to be strangled to death; it makes me sick to my stomach.


Gabby Petito must have been terrified knowing she was about to be strangled to death; it makes me sick to my stomach.

A high school buddy claims GABBY Petito must have been “scared knowing she was probably going to die” while being strangled.

The 22-year-old vlogger died of “manual strangulation,” according to coroners.

After the autopsy results were revealed, one of Gabby’s high school pals expressed their shock.

“It makes me sick to my stomach,” Alyssa Chen told PEOPLE. I’m curious as to what was going through her head when she realized she was about to die. She had to be terrified.” North Port, Florida residents have also sent their condolences to the vlogger’s family.

“My heart just fell into my gut, really upsetting,” Sandra Vaughn told WWSB.

“I am very sorry, Gabby’s parents; my heart breaks for you.”

The vlogger died of strangulation, according to Teton County Coroner Dr Brent Blue.

Dr. Blue also stated that the YouTuber was expected to die three to four weeks before her body was discovered. For this period of time, the body was outside “in the wilderness.”

Blue told NewsNationNow that a body left outside for an extended period of time is prone to decay.

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“Any corpse that is outside, whether it is exposed to the environment, insects, or animals – there are numerous sorts of decomposition,” he explained.

“Decomposition normally takes its own path.”

The YouTuber was not pregnant at the time of her death, according to the doctor.

He also stated that a toxicology result could not be made public at this time.

Gabby’s family is traveling to Wyoming to be “reunited” with their daughter, according to Fox News.

According to TMZ, they intend to have her body cremated before traveling to New York with her ashes.

The family will also visit with law enforcement in Wyoming to get an update on the investigation.

Gabby’s parents have stated that they will not make any public statements until the vlogger’s remains have arrived in New York.

Laundrie and Gabby, who met in New York before moving to Florida two years ago, were about two months into their four-month cross-country road vacation to see the national parks of the United States when Gabby vanished on August 27.

On September 1, he secretly returned to Florida without his fiancée.

Gabby was reported missing by her family on September 11th, and her remains were discovered a week later by cops in a Wyoming national park.

Laundrie went missing a few days later after telling his parents he was going hiking at Carlton Reserve. On September 17, the fugitive was reported missing.

A four-week search for the fugitive has turned up nothing but speculation and a few possible sightings.

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