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Fury as wild boar that snatched naked German sunbather’s laptop faces being put down ‘because she’s no longer shy’

A CHEEKY wild boar that pinched a naked sunbather’s laptop is facing being put down.

The beast went viral after the nudist was snapped chasing the speedy boar in a Berlin forest earlier this month.

Park officials say that sow, known as Elsa, will have to be “withdrawn” from the forest because she’s no longer shy.

The order for her culling has been given by unimpressed forestry officials in charge of Teufelssee lake – a bathing spot in the Grunwell Forest.

Katja Kammer, the head of the forestry office, told German broadcaster RBB: “This wild sow and her two young is a frequent visitor at Teufelssee.

“They phlegmatically forage in broad daylight over the grass looking for food wherever there are bathers. They have lost all sense of shyness,” she said.

They would have to be “withdrawn as a matter of priority”.

Upset animal lovers in Germany have started an online petition to prevent the boar’s culling.

Nearly 9,000 people have signed the petition, which says: “The cheeky pig together with her newborns from Teufelssee went viral through all the media.

“The pictures of the wild boar stealing a laptop from a naked bather were funny, but now the animal is threatened with being shot because of the media attention.”

She “is known to be very calm, if not peaceful, even towards dogs”.

Elsa is well known in the bathing resort in Berlin and has reportedly built up a reputation of being friendly towards bathers.

She abandoned the bag shortly after the photos were taken, allowing the bather to be reunited with his laptop.

The boars have been seen rifling through picnic baskets and rucksacks and they don’t appear to be frightened by humans.

The petition added: “There has been absolutely no account taken for the fact that this sow has peacefully shared her living space with bathers for years. This wild boar has earned the right to live.”

Elsa’s death has been ordered despite no serious incidents involving the boar at the lake.

Marc Franusch, a spokesman for Berlin’s forestry commission, said it remained uncertain whether and when the wild boar would be shot.

Last week, an over-friendly bear known for taking a selfie with a tourist at a wildlife park in Mexico was castrated.

Park officials captured Chipi and removed his testicles to make him more docile.

The bear became an internet sensation after he approached a group of fearless hikers and appeared to take a picture with them.

He was filmed sniffing a woman’s hair while perched on his hind legs before calmly wandering off in Chipinque Ecological Park in San Pedro Garza García, Mexico.

Experts claimed that they had to remove the bear from the park because he had become too accustomed to being fed by humans.

The decision was taken to castrate Chipi so he wouldn’t get into fights with other bears, according to the director of the federal environment protection agency Martín Vargas Prieto.

Bear attacks are rare – with one person on average killed each year by a black bear in North America.

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