Fury as homophobic comments are directed at Team GB hero Tom Daley on Russian television.


Fury as homophobic comments are directed at Team GB hero Tom Daley on Russian television.

Throughout the Olympics, Russian state television has hurled gay accusations at Team GB’s Tom Daley.

After homophobic comments were made about gay, lesbian, and transgender athletes competing in Tokyo 2020, state-run media outlets in Russia have faced a backlash.

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According to sports website Outsports, this year’s Olympics saw a record amount of openly LGBT+ athletes compete, with over 150 competing in the events.

However, insults and phrases like “perversion,” “abomination,” and “psychopaths” have been used by a number of Russian official television hosts and guests.

In reaction to the reports, a representative for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) stated that “discrimination has no place in the Olympic Games.”

“We have been in contact with our contractual broadcasting partner in Russia to obtain clarification on the situation and to emphasize the core principles of the Olympic Charter, and we are following up accordingly,” they stated.

“We applaud Tokyo 2020 for incorporating diversity and inclusivity into the Olympic Games model,” said Rossiya 1, a state-run television outlet that targeted Mr. Daley and weightlifter Laurel Hubbard.

One panelist, a member of the Russian parliament, said he was “disgusted” by gay and trans persons on the broadcasters’ 60 Minutes program on July 26.

“We are vehemently opposed to all of this nonsense and perversion,” they declared. We oppose this abomination.” Channel One, Russia’s second-most-watched station, aired further anti-LGBT+ remarks, with Time Will Tell host Anatoly Kuzichev referring to trans individuals as “psychopaths.”

Mr. Daley opted out of a Russian competition in 2014 because he thought it was “too hazardous and unsafe.”

In 2013, the Olympic diver, who won gold in the men’s synchronized 10m platform this year, came out as gay.

“I skipped a competition in Russia in 2014,” he told shortlist magazine in 2018. It was shortly after my coming out. I believed it was too dangerous and risky.

“Then, when everyone returned, I felt terrible about not going. “I hope that any young LGBT person out there can understand that no matter how alone you feel right now, you are not alone,” Mr Daley stated after winning his first Gold medal.

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