Furious Welsh republicans slammed the Queen’s visit to Wales, calling it “ridiculous posturing!”


Furious Welsh republicans slammed the Queen’s visit to Wales, calling it “ridiculous posturing!”

The visit of QUEEN ELIZABETH II to Wales has been overshadowed by a campaign in support of Welsh republicans.

At the sixth ceremonial opening of the Senedd in Cardiff, the Queen was joined by Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. Her presence, however, was overshadowed by a group advocating for Wales’ independence.

Before the royals arrived at the Senedd on October 14, République Cymru wrote on Twitter: “Our Senedd’s existence and right to exist as our seat of democracy inside Wales does not require the approval of a monarch.”

“Its entire existence was determined by the people, and one day it will be free of the relics of this foolish individual posturing. #NoKingsNoQueensNoCrowns”

Republic, a campaigning group calling for the election of the British head of state, seems to agree, as it retweeted the Welsh republicans’ post.

On October 13, as rehearsals and preparations to greet the Queen were underway, République Cymru expressed their displeasure with the royal visit to the Senedd.

“Oh I really wish the gushing over the Windsors would end,” the group posted on Twitter.

“The sooner we begin to cut our ties of allegiance to this system, the better.

“Getting rid of Liz’s oath in the Senedd would be an excellent start.”

While the Welsh republican organization expressed its dissatisfaction with the Crown’s position in Wales, it did not seem to dampen the enthusiasm of the numerous royal fans and well-wishers who congregated outside the Senedd to see the Queen, her heir, and his bride.

A 21-gun salute was fired outside the Senedd to welcome the Queen.

Prince Charles and Camilla arrived at the government building in Cardiff Bay a few minutes ahead of the monarch, pausing briefly to speak with some of the youngsters who had waited for them while waving Welsh and UK flags.



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