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Furious new-build homeowners told 6.5ft of their gardens will be dug up to make way for path

NEW-BUILD homeowners have been left furious after being told 6.5ft of their gardens will be dug up to make way for a new path.

Residents on the Maples estate in Holton-le-Clay in Lincolnshire are upset at the building of a new path that will impact their properties.

Developers Snape Properties Limited are building a road through the estate – which will include a two-metre path along it, installed over the gardens and driveways of shocked residents.

The local council will then take over the maintenance of the road and path.

Robert Stafford, 62, co-owns a home on the estate with the Lincolnshire Housing Partnership.

He told the Grimsby Telegraph: “None of us knew about this. LHP are saying this was in the plans the entire time, but when I was sold the house we were sold it as a two-car driveway and a large front garden.

“The plans that we were shown were also very unclear, it looked like a photocopy of a photocopy, and there was no distinct area between our house and the road.”

Mr Stafford said all of the homeowners in the area are angry because they weren’t warned about the path.

“There was little-to-no notice about the gardens being torn up, either. We received a letter a few months back saying the roads were going to be made ready for the council to adopt them, but they didn’t say anything about the paths being installed,” he said.

He said other homeowners have been left in tears after coming home to find their gardens dug up.

“It’s been handled really badly. Many of us are incredibly upset at how this has been handled,” he said.

Lincolnshire Housing Partnership sent an email to Mr Stafford acknowledged that the homeowners have effectively bought less land than they had expected.

“Typically, this area would be edged and hardcored to clearly distinguish it from your front garden area, however it looks as though the builder has continued to turf up to the edge of the road and this has caused the confusion,” the email read.

A Snape Properties Limited spokesperson said: “At the end of the day, it’s not their land. Two metres of land alongside newly built roads are part of the land given to the Highways agency when they adopt it.”

The spokesperson said that under Section 38 of the Highways Act, the land never belonged to the homeowners to begin with.

The Sun Online has contacted Lincolnshire Housing Partnership for comment.

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