Frost retaliates! The Brexit minister explains why the UK can’t trust the EU and lays out a “path ahead.”


Frost retaliates! The Brexit minister explains why the UK can’t trust the EU and lays out a “path ahead.”

LORD FROST has cautioned that the Northern Ireland Protocol “cannot go on” in its current form, as he announced the UK’s ambitions to significantly alter the Brexit separation deal.

In a speech to the House of Lords, the Brexit minister outlined recommendations for striking a “new equilibrium” with the European Union on Northern Ireland. He told his peers that the UK wants a number of modifications, including the Protocol’s control being taken away from EU institutions and the Court of Justice.

“To put it simply, we cannot carry on,” Lord Frost told peers in Parliament.

“We’ve seen supermarket product ranges shrink, and 200 suppliers have announced that they will no longer sell to Northern Ireland.

“Difficulties have arisen not only with the well-known chilled meats issue, but also with medicines, pets, live animal movements, seeds, plants, and a variety of other issues.”

He claimed that the Protocol’s faults were substantial enough that the UK could use legal measures to stop it from being implemented.

However, the minister stated that the UK would not employ the Article 16 legal safeguard at this time, preferring to hold “urgent” talks with Brussels on the UK’s compromise ideas.

“It is apparent that the circumstances support the employment of Article 16,” he stated.

“However, we have determined that this is not the appropriate time.

“Instead, we see a chance to do things differently, to chart a new course, to seek an agreement with the EU through negotiations on a new balance in our Northern Ireland arrangements that benefits everyone.”

Some products traveling from the United Kingdom to Northern Ireland are subject to customs checks under the terms of the Brexit divorce agreement reached in 2019.

According to Brussels, the red tape is required to defend the EU single market.

The UK, on the other hand, claims that the system causes intolerable disruption to the UK’s internal market.

Marks & Spencer and other retailers have warned that under the current arrangements, some products will be unable to be sold in Northern Ireland.

Ministers are seeking a “standstill” phase that would keep existing grace periods in place, letting goods to flow freely between the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland until a permanent solution is established.

From the end of September, customs checks on goods crossing the Irish Sea will be necessary.

Lord Frost hopes to persuade Brussels to show more in the long run. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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