Frost celebrates that his “terrible dream is over” and brags about his Brexit accomplishments, but the EU has sent a new warning.


Frost celebrates that his “terrible dream is over” and brags about his Brexit accomplishments, but the EU has sent a new warning.

“THE LONG BAD DREAM OF OUR EU MEMBERSHIP IS OVER,” Lord Frost will announce at the Conservative Party Conference in his speech to Tory members as he celebrates Brexit.

The former Brexit negotiator and minister will herald the UK’s independence from Brussels as the beginning of a new era for the country. Lord Frost will be looking forward to the opportunities that lay ahead, as well as the achievements that have already been secured.

He will, however, send a strong warning to the EU to finally get serious about resolving the problems produced by the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Boris Johnson will outline what his government has accomplished outside the EU so far, citing new free trade deals and a revamped immigration system as examples of what the UK can achieve when it is not bound by Brussels.

He will reminisce on two years of hard-fought negotiations with Brussels bureaucrats to win freedom from the bloc, triumphant at having defied his detractors to secure an EU trade pact in record time.

He’ll say something like this: “All history and experience suggest that democratic countries with free economies, which allow citizens to keep more of their earnings, make their own decisions, and control their own lives, are not only wealthier, but also happier and more admired by others.

“That is the direction in which we must lead this country.

“The possibilities are limitless.

“Our EU membership has come to an end after a lengthy nightmare.

“The Renaissance in Britain has begun.”

In her victory speech to the Tory faithful in Manchester, Liz Truss promised to “create a more competitive, more confident Britain.”

In a speech to Conservative members, the newly-appointed Foreign Secretary promised to “hit the drum for Britain overseas.”

“Britain has always been best as an optimistic, outward-looking nation, confident in its ability to compete and lead.

“This is the kind of Britain I want us to be: patriotic and upbeat,” she remarked.

“People want to be proud of their home country and neighborhood.

“They want to see the United Kingdom succeed on the global stage.

“They’re sick of hearing about our deterioration and sneering about our status in the world.”

She continued, ” “I reject the voices of doom and gloom. Britain’s best days, in my opinion, are yet ahead of us.

“We will position the United Kingdom at the center of a network of economic, diplomatic, and security alliances.”

Lord, while rejoicing in the success of Brexit. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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