Frost beats the EU courts at their own game, resolving a crucial disagreement in the treaty ‘within grasp.’


Frost beats the EU courts at their own game, resolving a crucial disagreement in the treaty ‘within grasp.’

Sources said on Thursday that a compromise in talks over the Northern Ireland protocol could be reached.

The compromise would change the role of EU judges so that, in almost all cases involving the single market, the European Courts of Justice would preside over questions of EU law in Northern Ireland, unless the UK failed to implement EU law in Northern Ireland and thus had to be sent to a Luxembourg-based court.

Northern Ireland continues to obey roughly 300 EU rules under the Northern Ireland Protocol, which prevents it from establishing a hard border with the Republic of Ireland and allows it access to the single market.

Although Brexit Minister Lord Frost has stated that a non-EU member being evaluated by the ECJ is “very rare,” Brussels has warned that Northern Ireland will lose access to the single market if the ECJ is not involved.

Luke Hawker, Olivia Stringer, and Paul Withers contributed additional reporting.

As Germany prepares for another coronavirus shutdown, the German chancellor has delivered a frightening warning about hospital capacity.

On Thursday afternoon, she joined an emergency conference with regional leaders after Covid cases reached new highs. The 67-year-old is said to have began the discussion by telling officials, “We are full,” implying that intensive care units were full.

On Thursday, Germany set a new daily record with 65,371 new coronavirus cases.

The alarming figure was released just 24 hours after the country had recorded 52,826 infections.

Ms Merkel confirmed that the fourth wave of coronavirus is wreaking havoc on Germany.


In April 2022, the French will have to elect their next president.

Mr Macron is reported to be distancing himself from the EU, fearful that his solidly pro-EU attitude, for which he has become known, could stymie his chances of re-election.

Mujtaba Rahman, an EU specialist, believes that the President would now “prefer to avoid a contentious debate on existential questions concerning the EU.”

This, according to Mr Rahman, explains his “more pragmatic attitude” to the ongoing dispute between Brussels and Warsaw.

Mr Rahman even suggests that the French President would help Brussels reaching an agreement with Warsaw’s Eurosceptic government.


Sebastian Kaleta, Poland’s Deputy Minister of Justice, has reacted to what he alleges are attacks and “lies” about Poland spread by France’s Secretary of State and close ally. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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