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From Mexican chicken to pasta carbonara: The four ingredient recipes lazy home cooks swear by 

Lazy home cooks have shared some of the four-ingredient recipes they swear by when they feel as though they can’t be bothered to make dinner, including Mexican chicken, pasta carbonara and delicious taco boats. 

Men and women shared photos and the ingredients for their four-ingredient dishes on Facebook, as well as how you can make them with ease.

The meals included breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts, with many saying they were proof that dishes don’t have to be elaborate to be delicious.

One of the simplest four-ingredient dishes around that men and women said they love to make is a traditional spaghetti carbonara. 

All you need for this is spaghetti, egg yolk, pancetta and Parmesan cheese.

A woman called Allison said she follows the traditional Jamie Oliver carbonara recipe, which uses egg to make the creamy sauce.

‘The egg makes the cream base, instead of adding actual cream,’ Allison posted.

Another woman called Kath put forward her ‘quick working lunch’ of a roast vegetable tart.

‘Roast some diced sweet potato and lay it onto a flan dish,’ she posted.

‘Lay down some raw broccolini stems across. Dice some Danish feta and pour the feta and five or six beaten eggs over the top of it.’

Kath said she loves this dish as a working lunch with a side salad.

One of the more unusual recipes on the list was one for chicken and mango bon bons.

For this, you need filo pastry, chicken breasts, cheese and mango.

‘Boil the chicken breasts until cooked and slice them,’ a woman called Emily wrote.

‘Do a double layer of filo, add cheese in the middle, put the chicken inside and then some mango.’

Then, roll it into a parcel and bake in the oven until golden.

Emily said she typically serves this dish with hot chips and salad.  

Rathida said she always turns to spicy chicken with rice when she is feeling in need of a quick pick-me-up in a dish.

‘For this, I simply mix chicken, the marinade from Nandos, rice and diced tomatoes,’ she said.

‘Onion and capsicum are optional to add additional flavour.’  

One of the only ketogenic recipes on the list was for chicken pesto broccoli bake.

For this, you’ll need two chicken breasts cubed, two cups of broccoli, 350mL of cream and one jar of pesto.

‘Fry the chicken first,’ Keira wrote.

‘Then, add the chicken, broccoli cream and pesto to a baking dish and cook at 180 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes.’ 

Another chicken dish you could make is Mexican chicken, using one kilogram of chicken breasts, two packets of Mexican taco seasoning, one jar of Mexican salsa and one can of kidney beans.

‘Put all of it into the slow cooker, mix and cover the chicken, and then cook for six hours,’ Laura wrote.

‘Use two forks to pull apart the chicken, and then you could either put it in a toasted wrap or tortilla, on a baked potato or in a pie.’ 

It wasn’t just main meals that people listed as their favourite four-ingredient dishes.

A woman called Sonya said she swears by a cherry ripe slice when she needs to make an easy but tasty dessert.

‘You’ll need one tin of condensed milk, 400 grams of dark chocolate chopped up, 100 grams of shredded coconut and a tin of cherries, drained,’ she said.

‘Toast the coconut in the oven, add condensed milk and chocolate to the saucepan and mix until melted.’

Once this is done, add coconut and drained cherries, and mix until combined. 

‘Place it in a slice tray and refrigerate overnight,’ Sonya said.

By the next day, you should have plenty of cherry ripe slices to cut up and enjoy. 

If you love sweet breakfasts in the morning, you can’t go wrong with pancakes.

For these, all you’ll need is one egg, a mashed banana, two tablespoons of self-raising flour and half a teaspoon of bicarb soda.

‘Just whisk them all together and pre-heat a pan, before throwing them all in together and flipping when cooked,’ Janni said. 

Taco boats have become increasingly popular in recent times.

A woman called Skye made hers with leftover roast lamb, frozen corn and onion from a packet, carrot and a taco boat. 

All you need to do to make these is place the ingredients inside the boat and bake in the oven until golden and crispy.    

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