From July 19, you must wear a face mask – government rule change in FULL


From July 19, you must wear a face mask – government rule change in FULL

From July 19, face masks will no longer be required unless you are in specific locations. All of the new rules are listed here.

Boris Johnson said face coverings will no longer be required as of Monday, July 19, as coronavirus restrictions eased, though he expected them to be worn in crowded settings. Individual train and transportation providers have been given the discretion by the government to decide whether or not clients must wear masks, and it’s all getting a little confused. Here’s a quick reference guide that will be updated as soon as something changes or is updated.

The government has given businesses the authority to decide whether masks are required, and the official line is that masks should be worn in crowded areas.

This means that if you refuse to cover your face in a situation where it is required, you may be denied service or the opportunity to travel.

Staff would have the right to ask you to leave if you removed your mask once inside a building or train.

They wouldn’t be permitted to discriminate based on protected traits as defined by the Equality Act 2010, so if you’re exempt from wearing a mask, it’ll stay on.

“If you dive down into the Government’s roadmap, their recommendation is that we should all continue to wear face coverings in crowded settings, and that includes busy trains,” Juliette Maxam, of Greater Anglia, said of the company’s plan to enforce masks.

“So we’re going to advise people to put on their facial covering if it’s crowded on the train or in the station.”

“We know from the Government’s own consultants and the World Health Organization that wearing a face-covering indoors does lower transmissions,” Mayor Sadiq Khan stated of his decision for Transport for London.

“It leads to an increase in public safety as well as public confidence.

“We will make it mandatory as long as the virus is still with us and we are concerned about the infection being transmitted.”

“I am convinced you will see high levels of the rules being observed beginning Monday,” he continued, “just as there have been since last June.”

Under the idea, people without a facial covering will be denied access to London transportation by TfL’s 400 enforcement agents.

TfL employees and bus drivers “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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