From growing their own vegetables to recycling, Brits prioritize sustainable lifestyle choices.


From growing their own vegetables to recycling, Brits prioritize sustainable lifestyle choices.

Growing their own vegetables, driving an electric vehicle, and not using the tumble dryer are among the sustainable lifestyle choices that Britons are prioritizing.

Using low-energy light bulbs and turning off household technology were also among the top ten environmental actions.

But, according to 53 percent of adults, the single most important action is to recycle as much as possible.

Three out of ten people also prioritize reducing their use of plastic.

Switching off unused plugs is more important to a third (32 percent) of the 2,000 adults polled than buying from environmentally friendly brands.

And having a water butt is thought to have a greater environmental benefit than not flying to foreign destinations.

“This research gives increasing hope, and shows that more of us want to live sustainably and are prioritizing greener new year resolutions for 2022,” said Ashley Andrew, managing director of Hyundai Motor UK, which commissioned the research.

“It also emphasizes the crucial role that leading brands play in promoting consumer choice.”

According to the research, seven out of ten adults are unsure about what constitutes “green” behavior and what does not.

Only 15% of people believe their lifestyle choices are as environmentally friendly as they could be.

However, 70% believe they have improved their environmental impact in the last year.

Just over half (50%) believe that the recent COP26 meeting, as well as other environmental news, has increased their awareness of the issue.

Despite this, 32% said they would “do it tomorrow” if it came to combating climate change.

When it comes to truly driving a climate change reversal, seven out of ten people believe national governments and large corporations should bear the burden.

It was also discovered that 45 percent of those polled by OnePoll are “passionate” about being green – but aren’t sure how to prove it.

And 26% are actively considering replacing their car with an electric vehicle right now.

While a quarter said they’d do it to help reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment, just under a tenth said they’d do it because they’re so fashionable.

“People are looking for ways to help combat climate change,” Ashley Andrew continued.

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