From Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver to Mary Berry and Nigella Lawson, who is the most famous celebrity chef in the UK?


He’s popular because of the F-word.

But that did not stop the fiery Gordon Ramsay from being crowned the most successful British chef and, in the process, from beating famous names.

The dream of television producers trying to get millions of viewers in the UK on their sofas is celebrity chefs, and even celebrities trying their hand at cooking.

Chefs like “Naked Chef” Jamie Oliver, new TV quiz “Family Fortunes” host Gino D’Acampo, “Domestic Goddess” Nigella Lawson and former “Great British Bake Off” queen Mary Berry have been made into superstars by this hunger for cooking shows.

A recent research aims to examine the profile on both terrestrial and cable networks of those who star in the food shows that dominate our television screens.

And when it comes to who is the most popular British TV chef, there is only one winner, in spite of the rivalry.

And that’s Gordon Ramsay, the former Rangers FC trialist who has earned numerous Michelin stars and hosted a string of hard-hitting TV shows on both sides of the Atlantic, frequently expletive-laden.

In a new survey of the UK’s best-known chefs, based on their net worth, cookbook sales, number of restaurants, social media impact, Google search frequency, TV appearances and length of screen career, the 54-year-old super chef’s standing was confirmed.

The personal finance experts from built a scoring system and measured the success of the best-known culinary experts in the UK.

Mr. Ramsay ranked 98.5 out of 120, with critics noting that “few can argue against the relentless work ethic he displays in his culinary activities and business dealings, despite his fearsome reputation.”

And during the coronavirus epidemic, it didn’t end.

The star of a series of reality shows including Kitchen Nighmares, Hell’s Kitchen, The F Word and Hotel Hell, born in Johnstone, plans to open a new mega-chain restaurant in the next five years with 200 locations around the world.

“GRNA (Gordon Ramsay North America) has exclusive rights to develop restaurants under the Gordon Ramsay brand in North America, Canada and the Caribbean, where he plans to open up to 200 restaurants while continuing to grow his highly successful licensing business with other partners.” the father of five, who announced his plans in recent financial reports, said.

Although his restaurant company made a pre-tax profit of £ 15.1 million, 50 new sites in the U.K. were also expected to create around 2,000 jobs.

While much of his U.K. property portfolio focuses on London, including the Gordon Ramsay restaurant, the fine-dining flagship in Chelsea with three Michelin stars, as part of an expansion, he is expected to explore more regional openings.

According to the report, “A total of 16 Michelin stars have been awarded to Ramsay’s restaurants to date” (of which he has retained 7). Gordon Ramsay has captivated television viewers around the world, working on 32 TV shows and appearing in some 640 episodes, in addition to his remarkable success in the kitchen.

“With his fiery personality and exceptional skills in the kitchen, it’s no surprise that the chef’s fortune is estimated at over £171 million.”

Jamie Oliver, who scored 93 out of 120 despite receiving over £ 233 million – more than Mr. Ramsay, was the second “most successful” on the list.

The 45-year-old chef made his fortune with a series of popular cookbooks and television shows in his 21-year career, but he suffered a decline in 2019 when his UK restaurant company failed with the loss of 1,000 jobs.

The failure contributed, along with Barbecoa and the Fifteen restaurant in London, to the closing of most of Jamie’s Italian outlets in the UK.

The scoring analysts said, “Despite his significant earnings, Mr. Oliver scored slightly lower than Mr. Ramsay due to his lack of Michelin stars and lower social media presence.”

Third was Gino D’Acampo, the celebrity chef born in Naples who rose to fame on the ITV show This Morning as a regular chef and has since hosted cooking shows like Let’s Do Lunch, There’s No Taste Like Home and Gino’s Italian Escape. He rated 66 out of 120 with 12 cookbooks, 37 restaurants, an 18-year career on TV and a fortune of £ 7.8 million.

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