From FRIDAY,’substantial’ snowfall is expected, making travel ‘hazardous.’


From FRIDAY,’substantial’ snowfall is expected to make travel ‘hazardous.’

Northern England, as well as the highlands and uplands of Scotland, can expect “substantial snowfall” on Friday, making for a difficult morning commute for commuters.

By early Friday, an arctic blast is expected to bring cold winds and rainy or showery outbreaks to the northwest of Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the north of England.

Scotland, Northeast England, and the southwest of the United Kingdom (Cornwall to Southwest Wales) will see one to two inches (25-50 mm) of rainfall.

Winds are expected to rip across the country, with the strongest gusts reaching 50-60 mph (80-100 kmh) during this time.

Strong winds are expected to cause problems, according to AccuWeather meteorologist Jim Andrews.

“Winds can cause damage to trees and power lines locally,” he told this website.

“Ferry and bridge crossings could be hampered, and crosswinds will exacerbate road hazards, particularly for high-profile vehicles.”

Mr Andrews also cautioned that the possibility of snowfall would make upland travel “dangerous.”

“The highlands and uplands of Scotland, as well as the North of England, will face the greatest risk of significant snowfall,” he said.

“This threat will start in Northern Scotland on Friday and end early Saturday along the Pennines.”

“Because of the snow and ice cover, upland travel by road can be slow and dangerous, so travelers should be aware and plan accordingly.”

“Outside of the snow-prone uplands, isolated heavy wintry showers can cause slick roadways and walkways for a brief period of time, primarily between Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.”

Snow, on the other hand, will not pose “significant hazards” to most people in the UK, according to the meteorologist.

Following this wintry blast, the weather in the region will remain unsettled for the rest of the week, but not as cold as it has been in recent days.

Following Monday’s negative 4C night temperatures in parts of England, the Met Office has warned that temperatures will drop below zero next week.

Arctic winds have brought wintry spells across the country, according to the Met Office, with snow expected above 600 meters in Scotland.


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