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Friends fear Autumn Phillips could take daughters Savannah and Isla to live in Canada

Autumn Phillips will remain in the UK to co-parent her two daughters with Peter Phillips following their split. 

As news of the couple’s separation emerged, rumours were rife that Autumn could take her daughters Savannah and Isla to live in her native Canada following her split from husband Peter, in echoes of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with Archie. 

But a spokesperson for the couple today confirmed that Autumn will remain in the UK, where she and Peter have set up home in Gloucestershire.  

Canadian Autumn, 41, told Anne’s 42-year-old son last year that she wanted to split after 12 years of marriage.

People close to the couple reveal that the Queen’s favourite grandson is ‘devastated’ with the decision.  

Friends initially told The Sun that the Sussexes’ departure from the UK could have spurred on the move.

Autumn and Peter’s daughters are believed to have Canadian citizenship and they could easily live there.

One source revealed: ‘What worries some of us is that Autumn may want to go back to Canada.

‘Maybe she has been influenced by Harry and Meghan’s departure. Perhaps she thought if that can happen then I can leave as well? That might be unfair on her but you have to consider it.’

However, it has now been confirmed that the former PA has no intention of leaving the country and will remain in Gloucestershire with her two daughters.  

Another said that Peter didn’t see the shock decision coming a thought he was happily married with the perfect family.

But he is now said to be in ‘total shock’ as the Queen is also upset by news of the marriage breakdown. 

Autumn has reportedly been saying for some time that there have been issues in the marriage.  

They added that it feels as though the Royal Family is falling apart in the latest shock to rock the Windsors. Sources insisted that no other parties were involved in the split. 

Autumn was born and brought up a Roman Catholic but renounced her faith shortly before their wedding so her husband-to-be did not have to give up his claim to the throne. 

In September, she was spotted with the Queen, Prince Charles and her husband at the annual Highland Games Gathering.

She made a rare appearance alongside Her Majesty at the event, which was held in the small Aberdeenshire village of Braemar.

Peter previously hit the headlines this year after appearing in a bizarre milk advert for a Chinese company.

In the television advert for Bright Dairies, shown only on Dragon TV in China and , Peter is seen being brought a glass of milk by a butler.

‘This is what I drink,’ he says as the tagline reads: ‘British royal family member, Peter Phillips.’

His wife Autumn, a former PA is a graduate of McGill University and was born in Montreal.

Autumn and Peter met during the 2003 Montreal Grand Prix, where they were both working, although she did not realise he was Queen’s grandson at the time. After dating for a few years, Peter popped the question with her father’s permission.

Mr and Mrs Phillips attracted media attention when they sold their wedding photos to Hello! magazine in May 2008 for a reported £500,000. The episode provoked claims the couple had exploited their Royal status.

At the time Liberal Democrat MP Norman Lamb called the move ‘a serious error of judgment’.

And Labour MP Ian Gibson said that the British public would have been shocked to see their monarch in the magazine, saying: ‘She is the Queen, not a footballer’s wife’.

Photos of the couple on honeymoon on safari in South Africa were also released to the press, arising suspicion they received the £1,000-a-night accommodation for free – or at least at a knock-down rate – in return for their co-operation.

Peter does not have a royal title as his mother declined to give her children the HRH title at birth.

The Phillipses lived in Hong Kong after he moved jobs within the Royal Bank of Scotland to head their sponsorships activities in the region.

Autumn was born and brought up a Roman Catholic but renounced her faith shortly before their wedding so her husband-to-be did not have to give up his claim to the throne. 

Peter rarely makes public appearances and is a ‘working royal,’ meaning he takes no money from the taxpayer.




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