Frexit dealt a heavy blow to Le Pen, who ‘cannot be trusted’ to free France from EU domination.


Frexit dealt a heavy blow to Le Pen, who ‘cannot be trusted’ to free France from EU domination.

Robert Oulds, director of the Bruges Group, told This website that French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen “can’t be trusted” with a Frexit since she has demonstrated that she alters her positions based on what is popular.

Robert Oulds, director of the Bruges Group, spoke with This website about whether Marine Le Pen, if she wins the French presidential elections next year, would be a close ally of the UK. Mr Oulds, on the other hand, was not convinced, claiming that the right-wing leader could not be trusted and that she was a “fair-weather buddy” because of her proclivity for changing her political stance. He went on to say that she was not a true friend of the United Kingdom, which decided to leave the European Union, and that she couldn’t be trusted with a Frexit if it came to it.

The question of Frexit has been boiling in France over the last few years as the movement grows in popularity.

Anger over the vaccine deployment has bolstered support for quitting the EU, as has Emmanuel Macron’s strong focus on the bloc.

Marine Le Pen, who ran on a eurosceptic, right-wing platform in the 2017 election, has recently toned down her rhetoric in an attempt to win over more votes.

Mr Oulds told this website that Ms Le Pen could not be trusted with a Frexit and would not be a strong ally to the UK.

“Marine Le Pen flirted with the possibility of France exiting the Euro,” he explained.

“Unfortunately, she is a fair-weather friend who turned her back on those policies when she needed the establishment.

“The National Rally’s origins may be traced back to the National Front.

“They were never a eurosceptic party; in fact, her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, was a supporter of the European Union at one point.”

“And this was at a period when communists were actively opposed to the EU.”

“They can’t be trusted to undertake a Frexit since there are other political parties and groups in France that support France’s exit from the European Union.”

“In fact, many of them arrived in Britain on the day we were given permission to exit the EU.

“They came here to celebrate and experience Brexit, and I attended one of their parties when they sang the British national anthem.”

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