Freedom Day should be postponed! As the number of instances rises, Britons are concerned about the idea of no constraints – POLL


Freedom Day should be postponed! As the number of instances rises, Britons are concerned about the idea of no constraints – POLL

According to the results of a new poll, BORIS JOHNSON has been encouraged to postpone Freedom Day tomorrow because the UK’s Covid infection rate continues to rise.

As part of the government’s relaxing of lockdown restrictions, all social distancing rules in England will stop on Monday. Despite the fact that case numbers have reached new highs not seen since the January spike, Mr Johnson has opted to go through with the lockdown despite appeals from some health professionals to postpone it.

This website asked users before of the historic day, “Should Freedom Day be postponed as Covid cases rise across Britain?”

Of the 17,729 persons who answered, 56 percent (9,910) agreed that it should be postponed, while 43 percent (7,572) believed Mr Johnson’s plan was correct.

A total of 247 people (or 1% of the total) were undecided.

In addition to voting, many people expressed their opinions on how the country could ultimately emerge from its state of emergency.

“You cannot argue it is natural, I suppose you have taken the vaccine,” one lockdown supporter wrote.

“There are things we can do to help ourselves overcome nature. Wearing a mask and not going to the pub are two of them for me.

“On a Saturday night, I miss the bar, but it’s one of those things I’m willing to live without for the time being.”

“No one genuinely knows the answer to this question,” a second added. “Whatever happens, Boris will be damned if he knows and damned if he doesn’t.”

Meanwhile, a significant number of people supported the Prime Minister’s decision to lift the lockdown restrictions tomorrow.

“When did we let the British backbone to be removed?” wondered one.

“I assume it you’re in favor of regular flu lockdowns and a blanket 10mph speed limit on motorways if that’s your line of reasoning?” added another.

“Endless loop of lockdowns forever yeah,” wrote a third. Is that the solution?

“I believe people have had enough and will no longer take it. Lockdowns may work for a short period of time, but they will reappear again and again.

“They don’t work,” says the narrator. I suppose the virus was designed in such a way that it would never die.”

Professor Christina Pagel, an operational research professor at University College London (UCL), is one of the scientists who believes it is incorrect to proceed while case levels continue to rise.

“I feel,” she added. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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