Frankie Bridge of Loose Women said she avoided’sexy’ contact on Strictly.


Frankie Bridge of Loose Women said she avoided’sexy’ contact on Strictly.

The ladies of Loose Women were discussing the Strictly curse and rumors of a relationship between singletons AJ and Kai when Frankie Bridge recalled her experience on the program and how she despised it when the judges applauded chemistry.

When Frankie Bridge of Loose Women appeared on Strictly Come Dancing, she expressed her frustration with the show’s emphasis on “chemistry.”

Brenda Edwards admired AJ Odudu and Kai Widdrington’s cheeky performances as the panel discussed relationship rumors between singletons AJ Odudu and Kai Widdrington.

On the show, she was ecstatic about their love, but Frankie stated she despised the attention and scrutiny lavished on the couples.

Frankie stated she held back with “sexy” contact during rehearsals when she went on the show in 2014 with Kevin Clifton.

“It’s inconvenient!” she grumbled. “They always comment at the conclusion of the dance, ‘Oh, such chemistry,’ and ‘we can really feel it.'”

“It’s a dance, it’s a performance!” “Can’t you say that at the end of every show?” She was irritated.

“What did Wayne think, viewing at home,” Christine Lampard said regarding Frankie’s spouse.

“As far as I’m aware, he’s alright.” “I’m sure it’s not easy,” Frankie maintained, “but if it were me, I’d watch him and be proud of him.”

“I suppose I would be a bit like – well okay!” she replied, drawing a face while talking about AJ’s romantic moments.

“I used to say to Kevin, I’ll do it that sexier in the actual performance or like, I’ll stroke your shoulder in the actual performance,” Frankie explained during rehearsals.

“You do get pretty close and you get on really well,” she remarked, defending Kai and AJ. It’s possible that nothing is going on. That may just be a fantastic performance and a wonderful friendship, with nothing else going on.” “There’s something going on, don’t even try that!” Brenda said. “I just feel horrible for even bringing it up!” Frankie exclaimed.

“If you’re happy in your marriage, then I’d like to think it just helps you learn something that you can pass on to your partner and educate them what to do,” Brenda insisted.

“Oh no, I tried to educate Wayne and it just didn’t work,” Frankie laughed.

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