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Frankie Bridge accused of ‘lazy parenting’ for letting her sons use their iPads while out for dinner

Frankie Bridge has been slammed for allowing her children to use their iPads while she and husband Wayne enjoyed a meal out at a restaurant.

The mother-of-two, 31, who lives in Surrey, posted the super honest image on her Instagram account and dubbed it ‘the reality of dinner out with the kids’.

But while the majority of her fans could relate, some of her followers accused her of setting a bad example, arguing the two youngsters should be engaging with their parents.

The snap, shared yesterday and liked nearly 61,000 times, showed former Saturdays singer Frankie with a glass of wine and sons Parker, six, and Carter, five, staring at their screens with headphones on.

She captioned it: ‘The reality of dinner out with the kids… I’ll admit it… I’m an iPad Mum… Swore I never would be… but here we are… the boys are happy… we’re happy… we’re all happy!!! Cheers! and Bon apetite #mum #family #reality.’

Many of her followers supported her, admitting they too were ‘iPad mums’ – but others slammed it as ‘lazy parenting’.

Jenn.y6423 commented: ‘Gone are the days when Italian restaurants in particular would allow kids to draw on the tables.

‘I think it’s okay whilst they are really young but when they are that bit older it’s good for them to be engaging with adults.

‘I have seen people giving children games to play with at the table and this would be better than them staring at computer screens.’

Annem2007 agreed, adding: ‘We have never allowed ours to have a screen at the dinner table.

‘Maybe some colouring when younger but now at nine and 10 years old they can engage in conversation with the adults. Screens at the table are rude and quite frankly lazy parenting. It’s bad table manners as far as I’m concerned.’

Danihutchings quipped: ‘Bet their language skills are great.’

She then added: ‘There’s no need for children to use screens at a restaurant table, it’s weird it’s the new normal. Just chat with them, ask them questions. If they can’t sit there, don’t take them.’

But others said they thought it was fine as it meant the parents got to enjoy a drink and their food hot.

Vikinocker85 said: ‘When a child is on an iPad in a restaurant it’s maybe 1.5 hours out of a whole day. They may have been at school, or outside playing at the park or “engaging” with their parents/friends/family/grandparents all day.

‘It’s just best not to judge it at all to be honest.’

And wilkoc88 added: ‘Thank you for posting real life pictures that make the rest of us see we’re not failing or useless mothers.’

Becky.bertozzi supported Frankie, writing: ‘And so what if you are! My baby is only one and we have a holiday coming up soon, Peppa [pig] is our saviour on the iPad on journeys etc.

‘Not experienced restaurants yet but I’ll be with you in the iPad crew! You have a lovely evening and like you say, the boys are happy, you’re happy, cheers lovely!!’ 

Frankie and her ex-footballer husband Wayne have been together since late 2011 and married in 2014.

She recently said their children are more interested in tech than what their parents do for a living.

She explained: ‘I’ve asked them, “What do Mummy and Daddy do?” and they just say, “Work”. They don’t really have a clue and I think that’s quite nice.

‘They know we’re on telly sometimes, but they don’t sit and watch us. I’ll say, “Daddy’s on TV today,” and they’ll say, “Oh, OK,” and then it’s back to their iPads.’ 

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