France has been chastised for allowing ‘out of control’ English Channel crossings.


France has been chastised for allowing ‘out of control’ English Channel crossings.

With 10,000 crossings already this year, France has been chastised for allowing the migrant issue in the English Channel to get out of control.

Reform UK chairman Richard Tice has slammed French authorities for the increased number of illegal migrants crossing the English Channel. Thousands of migrants have crossed the Channel in small boats in recent days, prompting British officials to put pressure on the French government to take more stringent measures. Mr Tice, on the other hand, chastised the UK government for agreeing to pay France to police the Channel, adding, “The more money we send to France, the more migrants they seem content to allow come to the UK.”

“My good friend Nigel [Farage] was the first to bring it up last summer, and he predicted it would be over 20,000 for the year earlier this year.

“It’s now expected to be around 30,000.

“The issue has completely spiraled out of control,” he said, “and the more money we give to France, guess what?

“The more migrants they let cross the English Channel to the UK, the happier they appear to be.

It comes as Immigration Minister Chris Philp travels to Paris to demand that France do more to capture and imprison migrants before they enter British waters.

“Its clear results are needed,” a UK Government source said. “We need to see action by the French Government as soon as possible.” Meanwhile, the Labour Party has chastised the government for failing to address the migrant situation.

“Time and time again, the Government has established arrangements with France using taxpayers’ money, yet the numbers keep increasing,” said Shadow Home Secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds.

“The government needs to develop a plan that includes combating criminal groups who operate outside of France’s shore and facilitate these risky crossings.

“Ministers must also reopen safe and legal routes to prevent people from making this dangerous sea crossing, and reverse the decision to close the Department for International Development, which was addressing why people are forced to flee their homes.” The UK government has taken steps to speed up the processing of migrants arriving in Kent.

Hundreds of asylum requests will be handled at a new Intake Unit that will be operational soon. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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