France brags about its ‘historic’ agreement with Greece, while its defense minister boasts ‘European defense.’


France brags about its ‘historic’ agreement with Greece, while its defense minister boasts ‘European defense.’

FRANCE’S Defense Minister took to Twitter after her country sold three frigates to the Greek navy for £2.5 billion, claiming the agreement will “contribute to an ambitious European defense” – only hours after President Emmanuel Macron declared Europe needs to beef up its military capabilities.

However, some social media users questioned Florence Parly’s logic, with one claiming that the agreement was insufficient compensation for the cancellation of a £48 billion (€56 billion) contract to supply conventional submarines to Australia following the announcement of the trilateral defence agreement between Canberra, Washington, and London earlier this month. She was also questioned by someone who said she was wrong to promote the idea of a bloc-wide defense plan.

Cutting-edge technology that helps to an ambitious European defense strategy

Parly, Florence

“Greece and France continue their historic cooperation,” Ms Parly, a key supporter of French President Emmanuel Macron, tweeted after the pact was revealed earlier today.

“The Greeks chose the French and Naval Group to outfit their navy with three French-built frigates, with a fourth available as an alternative.

“Leading-edge technology that contributes to an ambitious European defense.”

“That doesn’t make up for the 56 billion lost in Australia, and three frigates aren’t 12 submarines,” one Twitter account, dubbed the Scout of Rhone Alpes, said. To navigate with small arms…” “Contributes to European defense?” added Yann Keller. No, this is incorrect, and you are aware of it.

“This contributes to Greece’s defense.”

He said, “Europe not being a power, it is unable to act collectively (how many nations have acquired the Rafale?)” in reference to the French fighter plane.

Meanwhile, Craig Bell questioned where the money came from, asking, “Is the 31 billion EU recovery fund for Greece supposed to be spent on planes and ships?” Mrs VDL is going to want her money back…” Mr Macron said today, as he confirmed the contract, that Europe has to stop being foolish about defending its interests and create its own military capability.

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