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Four-year-old girl is catapulted through the air when her uncle plonks down on an inflatable bed

A giggling four-year-old girl was sent flying through the air when her uncle sat down on an inflatable bed beside her in an amusing game.

Ebony Johnson, was catapulted through the air when her uncle David Peck, 57, plonked himself on a blow-up camping bed next to the four-year-old.

Hilarious footage, captured in Newcastle on July 18, shows Ebony laughing as she sits on the inflatable mattress, waiting for her uncle to fall down beside her.

David asks Ebony: ‘Are you ready?’ before throwing his weight down on the inflatable bed, sending the little girl flying through the air.  

The person filming is heard squealing as Ebony flips upside down in mid-air, before flying back down on to the grass.

Ebony’s father Lee Johnson, 33, said: ‘It was one of those camping beds you blow up with the wind.

‘We had almost blown it up when we put it down so we could sit in the sun.

‘Ebony sat on it and David went to sit on it and she flew up a bit. He got up and she started shouting: “Again, again.”‘

After Ebony’s unexpected enjoyment at being launched into the air, the family decided to stage, and film, the hilarious moment again. 

Lee added: ‘She wasn’t hurt. She landed on her side and she was shocked for a few seconds but then started laughing.

‘We told her we got it on camera so we were all watching that laughing.’

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