Four times a Labour councillor has been arrested in connection with the Insulate Britain motorway protests.


Four times a Labour councillor has been arrested in connection with the Insulate Britain motorway protests.

After taking part in Insulate Britain’s motorway protests, a LABOUR councillor has been imprisoned four times.

Insulate Britain members stopped the M25, M3, and M11, including Theresa Norton, a Labour councillor from Scarborough. Over the course of ten days, she was arrested four times for protests.

Insulate Britain is a campaign organisation that is urging the government to implement a national home insulation program by 2030, with the goal of insulating every home.

It is an offshoot of Extinction Rebellion that was developed throughout the summer.

On September 13, the mob began blocking intersections on southern highways, causing considerable traffic congestion.

Over 270 people have been arrested in connection with the highway protests in the last ten days.

Ms Norton described why she took part in the Insulate Britain protests to The Yorkshire Post.

“I think a lot of people won’t understand,” she replied when asked what her constituents would think of the barriers.

“I represent the Eastfield ward, which has some of our borough’s poorest households, and if our campaign succeeds, many of them will benefit.”

Despite the possibility of an injunction, Insulate Britain will continue to erect hurdles “until we have a real statement from the Government,” she said.

Liam Norton, a major figure and spokesperson for Insulate Britain, is Ms Norton’s son.

Ms Norton caused a snarl in Scarborough in May when she sat in the middle of St Nicholas Street in an Extinction Rebellion protest.

She was charged with deliberately obstructing a highway using a non-motor vehicle, an offense that allegedly occurred on May 1st.

She will stand trial on November 5 and could face a fine of up to £1,000 if found guilty.

Ms Norton told The Scarborough News that she staged the protest to draw attention to “the climate and ecological disaster.”

“This was something that terrified me a lot, and it was not an easy thing to do,” she continued.

“I am concerned that ‘business as usual’ would steal our children of their future due of the climate problem,’ read the statement on my bulletin board.

“Our government declared a climate emergency two years ago, but other from making declarations about urgency and setting new deadlines, they have done very little in practice.”

Scarborough Conservative MP Robert Goodwill believes her actions should be made illegal.

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