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Four cops injured as poo left on Kent beach after ‘cook out’ rave saw coach-loads descend

FOUR cops were injured and poo was left strewn on the sand after coach-loads of revellers travelled from London for a “cook out” rave at a beach in Kent.

Greatstone beach near New Romney, Kent, was packed with revellers from about 3.30 yesterday afternoon after they travelled to party at the event organised by the Flavour Boss restaurant in Croydon, South London.

Partygoers paid £27.54 per ticket to attend the “beach cookout” which was advertised as being held at a “secret beach location from 12pm till late”.

Furious locals complained after human waste, bottles of urine and massive piles of rubbish were left on the beach after the party, while others said the group weren’t distancing and made it impossible for others to enjoy the area.

Four cops were injured after a brawl broke out at a nearby car park, and a 29-year-old man from London was later arrested.

Tickets for the event were sold online with attendees given a “secret location” in the capital to meet before being driven to the beach in coaches.

The location was then revealed on Flavour Boss’s Snapchat account.

Flavour Boss director Orette Williams denied the rave was “illegal”, and said the money they charged for tickets was to cover the three coaches and food given out at the event.

Mr Williams claimed he had permission for the event but it was withdrawn two days before after cops found out how many people would attend. The local council has denied giving Mr Williams permission.

“It did get a bit out of hand, with regards to the social distancing,” he told MailOnline.

“We were stuck between a rock and a hard place. What was I going to do? I was going to lose £2,000 on the coaches.”

“We don’t host illegal gatherings, we did not break the law – the police knew this event was taking place. They were there from the start.”

He shared a screenshot to Instagram of a £750 “donation” he made towards litter picking at the beach following the event.

Video showed police trying to break up a crowd that had formed up outside a local chip shop before clashing.

Local Jackie Ohara said: “Fighting kicked off badly outside mine. It was absolutely terrifying. Police made some arrests, it then escalated.”

Word of the gathering spread after the coaches arrived, with police quickly arriving at the scene.

Residents said they saw minibuses and cars illegally parked near the beach as the crowd continued to grow.

The beach in Kent was chosen as the location for the party after another event in nearby Camber Sands, East Sussex was stopped by cops.

Three packed coaches, each with about 40 people on board, travelled from London to Greatstone beach yesterday, Kent Online reported.

Revellers were seen close together at the party and most were not wearing masks.

The event was intended to be “private” but details about the rave were leaked on social media.

A witness said they saw crowds on the beach past 10pm.

“Just come through Greatstone, unbelievable scenes, chaos on the road, police everywhere… was good natured, it wasn’t a place for families,” they said.

A Flavour Boss worker said cops told them to leave the beach by 8.30pm.

A spokesman for Kent Police said they were investigating a “disturbance” at the beach.

“Patrols attended the area where they engaged with a number of individuals throughout the day to explain and encourage compliance with the latest Government guidance and address reports of anti-social behaviour,” the spokesman said.

“Those attending the location were asked to consider the wider community and their personal responsibilities in order to control the spread of the virus.”

Folkestone & Hythe District Council leader David Monk said they were not told details of the party until it started.

“There were no mixed signals. No permission was granted by the council for this gathering or for the use of its land. The council was not in direct contact with the organiser before the event took place,” he said.

Mr Monk said the amount of rubbish left on the beach after the party was “digusting”.

“Our waste crews have been on site all morning and continue to work hard to clean the area. We would also like to thank members of the local community for mucking in to help clean up,” he said.

“We’ve already made contact with the organiser to discuss the consequences of this gathering and we are considering legal action.”

Mounds of rubbish were left all over the beach in the aftermath of the party.

Residents said they found human waste in bags and bottles of urine left on streets near the beach.

Nappies, broken glass and shoes were also left strewn in the area.

One local said he woke up this morning to find used toilet paper in his front garden.

“I’m so angry, there must be something as residents we can do,” he said.

Another resident said grass verges near the shore looked like a “rubbish tip”.

“I am absolutely disgusted with these scumbags. No respect for anything that is not theirs,” she said.

Folkestone & Hythe District Council said yesterday afternoon that they were aware of the gathering and cops would patrol the area.

The Sun Online has contacted Flavour Boss for comment.

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