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Founder of Koja healthy snack empire selling 100,000 per MONTH reveals her typical daily diet

The founder of healthy snack empire KOJA has offered an insight into her typical daily diet, as well as the day-to-day exercise regime that keeps her fit while running her growing business. 

Kate Johansson, from Melbourne, has her healthy peanut butter bars stocked in more than 800 supermarkets across Australia, and currently sells 100,000 of the bars each month.

Kate 33, said she launched the health food brand in 2014 after finding herself disappointed by the number of excessively processed snacks stocked on the shelves. 

Since launching, KOJA made $100,000 worth of sales in the first month at Coles and it is anticipated that it will make millions this year.

When it comes to her daily diet, Kate told FEMAIL that she swears by plenty of leafy greens, mainly vegetarian foods and a little bit of what she loves.

‘What I eat depends hugely on the day of the week and what season it is,’ she told Daily Mail Australia. 

‘Some days I’ll eat chocolate and pancakes, and then others I’m all green smoothies, vegetable soups and vegan curries for dinner.’

While Kate said she doesn’t plan her meals, she makes sure she always has ‘healthy snacks’ at work so as to avoid unhealthy takeaway foods.

‘KOJA are my obvious secret there, but I’ll also always have fresh fruit on hand, as well as rice crackers and peanut butter, and a few soups in the fridge,’ she said.

‘Even just keeping a loaf of sourdough in the freezer and having some avocado means you can throw together a basic working lunch without much hassle.’

A typical day on the 33-year-old entrepreneur’s plate involves a smoothie for breakfast, soup and sourdough for lunch and curries, stews and casseroles for dinner.

Kate said she loves eating vegetarian foods, but doesn’t deny herself a little of what she loves: namely chocolate and  weekend coffees and croissants.

Kate also said she is an avid exerciser, and aims for 10,000 steps a day without fail, as well as a weekly yoga class, two or three gym workouts and a jog.

‘I enjoy exercise as a way to relax, clear my mind and get outside,’ the 33-year-old said.

‘I don’t ever force myself to work out, but I find I do look forward to them and feel better for them afterwards.

‘Right now, I’m doing the majority of my workouts on Zoom, but I am making sure I get outside for a walk almost daily.’

Kate dreamed up the idea for KOJA several years ago, when she hung on to her regular ‘day job’ and launched the snack bar business working two jobs.

The young entrepreneur took a leap the year later when she resigned from her job and appeared on Network 10’s Shark Tank.

She turned down the Sharks’ offer of an $150,000 investment in exchange for 40 per cent equity – but it didn’t matter. 

KOJA’s products sold out within 15 minutes of the episode airing and made $150,000 in sales ‘overnight’.

‘By the time the episode aired I had put every dollar I owned into stock and bought as much as possible, so it was amazing to see the response,’ Kate previously said.

She later struck a deal with Coles, and by January, the bars were readily available in every supermarket around the country. 

KOJA made $100,000 worth of sales in the first month stocked at Coles and based on the current success, the partnership is anticipated to make the business millions. 

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