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Former Wiggles star Greg Page on his cardiac arrest

Greg Page has recalled what went through his mind when suffering a heart attack at a Wiggles reunion concert in January this year.  

The 48-year-old told The Weekend Australian on Saturday that he remembers three things: breathing heavily, lying on the ground and waking up in hospital. 

‘And looking up at the ceiling and just feeling unwell, but not in a bad way. I just felt absolutely exhausted,’ the former Yellow Wiggle added.  

Greg went on to express his gratitude to those who helped save his life.

‘The fact that those people stepped up to have a go at saving a life, I am so grateful. Had they not stepped in, I would be dead,’ he said. 

Towards the end of the group’s performance at the Castle Hill RSL in Sydney on January 17, Greg dramatically collapsed at the side of the stage.

In his first interview since the attack on radio station 2GB in February, Greg said he had no warning signs.

He had even seen a doctor just weeks earlier, who had run him through a series of stress tests.  

Greg said while his cholesterol was a ‘little high’, it was ‘nothing to be concerned about’.

‘I went happily on my way, Wiggle-d my butt off that night, and nearly didn’t make it,’ he recounted of the concert.

Despite his heart attack, Greg said he still considers himself to be ‘fitter’ than he’s ever been, and said he was carrying more weight when he left The Wiggles in 2013.  

‘I felt really good. No warning signs, no symptoms, so when the show was coming up, I thought, “Yeah, okay, I’ll just walk a little bit harder this morning, go a little bit faster”,’ he said.

Branding The Wiggles concerts ‘tough’, Greg said he was determined to get into the best physical shape he could before the one-off reunion concert. 

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