Former Scout leader who confessed to killing his own mother quipped that he’d ‘kill for a bath.’


Former Scout leader who confessed to killing his own mother quipped that he’d ‘kill for a bath.’

In a Facebook post, a FORMER Scout leader who admitted to murdering himself quipped that he’d “kill for a bath.”

Today, Dale Morgan confessed to killing his mother, Judith Rhead, in a property in Pembrokeshire, west Wales. When he is sentenced at Swansea Crown Court next month, the 43-year-old will face a life sentence, according to a judge.

Ms Rhead, 68, was assassinated between December 10, 2020, and February 20, this year, according to the court.

Morgan went on a series of strange Facebook rants at this time.

“Would kill for a bath!” he wrote in one, which he posted on January 9th, the day his mother may have died. Showers are nice, but I’m in desperate need of a bath. “Is there anyone who can help?”

He tweeted a screenshot of a woman who said she’d purchased her mum some laughing gas balloons to commemorate her finishing chemotherapy in another post published barely a week before Ms Rhead’s death was discovered.

On the same day, Morgan shared a police appeal to find a suspected dognapper.

In other writings, he criticized the weekly “Clap for Carers” project, in which millions of people around the country clapped at 7 p.m. every Thursday to demonstrate their thanks for vital workers.

He tweeted a photo of a rock telling the NHS to “f*ck off” in another post critical of the health care.

Morgan also slammed those who were concerned about asylum seekers being housed at the Penally Camp near Tenby until March.

“I just finished reading the comments on the local ‘news’ pages about the ongoing troubles at Penally Camp,” he said.

“Read this if you’ve ever wondered why the world is in the state it is in… But prepare yourself… Unless, of course, you’re a bigoted, xenophobic, self-absorbed racist in general…

“Then go ahead and knock yourself out. If at all feasible, literally. #EmpathyIsDead

“P.S. if you don’t like this article, delete me… Alternatively, you can leave an angry ‘like’ and I’ll do it for you.”

In another article, Morgan slammed Conservative MPs Stephen Crabb and Simon Hart, calling them “parasites.”

Following the shocking discovery in February, Pembroke Dock mayor George Manning, on behalf of the town council and staff, expressed condolences to Ms Rhead’s family and friends.

“It is always painful to learn of any loss of.”Brinkwire Summary News,” he told the Western Telegraph.


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