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Former flight attendant, 28, who created a coconut oil moisturiser is raking in $140,000 a MONTH

An ex flight attendant who created a coconut oil ‘body shimmer’ while on layovers now makes $140,000 a month selling her four signature products.

Emille Mendoza, from Melbourne, worked as a Virgin Australia hostess from 2013 to 2018, during which time she came up with the idea for her brand Boracay Skin.

It’s named after the Filipino island of the same name, which Emille visited on holiday during her stint working in the sky.

‘Locals were selling coconut oil there and at the time I didn’t know about the benefits of coconut oil for the skin,’ the 28-year-old told FEMAIL.

‘I’ve been using it religiously ever since and it has helped clear up my eczema and hydrate my skin, especially when I was a flight attendant, as I used to get very dry because of all the flying.’

With a Bachelor of Business majoring in Entrepreneurship behind her, Emille launched the brand in 2015 with ‘zero dollars’ to her name.  

‘It was a side business for a while and I would work on it on my layovers and on weekends – basically whenever I had spare time,’ she said.

‘I took the leap and quit my job as a flight attendant in November 2018 and that’s when things really started to take off. Boracay Skin is now my full-time job.’ 

There are four products in her skincare range, but the most popular is the Bronze Shimmering Body Oil ($38.95) which accounts for 80 per cent of the revenue.

It contains sunflower seed oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil and olive fruit to deeply nourish the top layer of the skin, which a slight glistening effect when it’s applied.

The shimmering body oil also comes in a gold and rose gold shade if you’re looking for a slightly different ‘glow’ to be left on your skin.

The company’s Natural Sun and Body Oil ($33.95) removes the glitter from the ingredients list and instead acts as an all-round moisturiser and tanning oil.

‘I want to share the benefits of coconut oil with everyone while ensuring all our cruelty-free and vegan products are made right here in Australia to support the local community,’ Emille said.

Her biggest customer base is in the United States, who ‘love Aussie-made beauty products’.  

‘I’ve had many customers personally let me know that our products have helped with their skin conditions too and it is the most rewarding feeling,’ she said.

In June Boracay Skin turned over $140,000 in revenue, as more people than ever are avoiding shopping centres and turning online, but they normally sell 3,500 units a month.   

While the coronavirus pandemic clearly hasn’t affected the brand detrimentally, there have been some challenges along the way.  

‘It’s been difficult with shipping as couriers all over the world are facing delays due to limited flights, social distancing in workplaces and border restrictions,’ she said.

‘We’ve worked through this challenge by giving different shipping options to our customers so they receive their packages as fast as possible, and having our team work round the clock to get orders out in a timely fashion.’

Emille has plans to launch a new product in the future that ‘falls under the self tanning’ category, but for now is focused on getting her customers their covid-safe orders as seamlessly as possible.  

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