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Former Doctor Who David Tennant reveals he wants a role in the DC Universe and Star Trek

FORMER Doctor Who star David Tennant reveals he wants a role in the DC Universe and Star Trek.

The actor seems to be pursuing new projects and is open to joining more major franchises.

David, 49, recently took part in a Ask Me Anything session on Reddit, where he answered questions from fans about his glittering career and what he plans to do next.

After playing Kilgrave on Marvel’s Jessica Jones, a fan asked whether any others are on his bucket list.

He answered: “Star Trek would be great. After talking to George Takei for the podcast I’ve got a bit immersed in it.”

Netflix’s Jessica Jones has now come to an end after three seasons and another fan asked if he would consider moving over to DC.

The former Doctor Who star responded: “I’m very happy to play whoever DC suggest.”

He added: “Kilgrave is a brilliant character and there are different versions of him down the years of comics.

“The version I had to deal with was the one from Melissa Rosenberg and her brilliant team’s scripts, so I focused on that I suppose.

“The history of the character was interesting as a fan of comic books, but our version was specific to the world of Jessica Jones.”

Tennant starred in BBC’s There She Goes and admits it left the BBC terrified of political correctness backlash for making light of disabilities.

While David’s character Simon relies on booze and dark humour to cope, wife Emily admitted in a low moment in season one that she had struggled to love her newborn daughter.

In a chat with The Guardian, David, 49, revealed his pride in the way the show tackles its subject matter, even if it is an uncomfortable watch sometimes.

However, the cast and the BBC had had some trepidation about the show, “because it lacked a certain sentimentality and political correctness – there was a real fear” he said.

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