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Former army captain and Amazonian adventurer Ed Stafford welcomes miracle twins with model wife

British adventurers Ed Stafford and his wife Laura Bingham have announced the birth of twin girls two years after they lost a set of twins in a heartbreaking miscarriage.

The former army captain and Amazonian adventurer, 44, and his model wife, 27,  who live in Leicestershire, shared the news of their twin daughters birth on Instagram. 

The couple, who also share three-year-old son Ran, posted several snaps from the birth, as well as a lengthy caption announcing the newborn’s names as Mary and Camilla – or Molly and Milly for short.   

It comes after they tragically lost their twin girls at 14 weeks in December 2018.  

Posting the happy news online, Laura wrote: ‘Welcome to the world!! After causing me some worry and stress with when they might come, we decided last minute to break my waters.

‘If the contractions began, it was a sign they were ready, if they didn’t, we would go ahead with the natural Caesarian.’

She continued: ‘Thankfully my precious girls decided it was a good day to be born! 

‘3.5ish hours from waters being broken to both being born. Molly was born in the pool and Milly was born very soon after on the bed. 

‘Both nice and healthy and safe.

‘I lost quite a bit of blood so I’m staying in overnight but I can’t wait to introduce Ran to his new sisters tomorrow!’

She went on to praise the staff in hospital for their efforts, writing: ‘The nhs midwives at the General in Leicester have been phenomenal and really open to allowing me to go with my flow and assisting me where they could.

‘So let me introduce to you; Mary Elizabeth Stafford (8.5lbs) and Camilla Claire Stafford (6.5lbs) (Molly and Milly for short).’

She went on to share a series of emotional photographs from the birth, including the moment she welcomed daughter Molly in a birth pool.

In another photograph, the couple snuggled up with their newborns for their first selfie together. 

The couple, who are both adventurers and met while exploring the globe, fell pregnant with the help of artificial insemination.

They previously suffered a devastating miscarriage just 18 months ago, with Laura telling The Mirror it was ‘the most traumatic thing’ she’d ever been through.

She said: ‘I’ve put my body through hell and back on my travels, but losing my babies was the hardest thing.’ 

Laura has cycled 4,350 miles across South America and in 2018 led the first descent of Guyana’s Essequibo River.

Meanwhile, Ed set a record in 2010 as the first person to walk the 3,976-mile length of the Amazon River over a gruelling 30 months.

He also starred in TV series Naked And Marooned, surviving for two months on a deserted island.

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