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Former actor on ABC, Kristian Mynott, jailed after raping two male escorts in Canberra

An Australian actor who featured in the hit ABC political drama Total Control has been jailed over the rape of two male escorts.   

Kristian James Mynott, 42, used stolen credit cards and gave a fake name to the two male escorts he flew to Canberra for the romps in 2017.

The part-time model and actor offered thousands of dollars in cash as well as airfares, a hotel room and a chauffeur from the airport.

But Mynott never paid the two men and was sentenced to three years and four months jail on Monday with a non-parole period of 16 months.

The sex amounted to rape because the escorts’ consent was given on the basis they would be paid.

The ACT Supreme Court heard Mynott texted the first escort with a fake name and offered $1,500 in cash along with a flight from Sydney.

He used the stolen credit cards to pay for the flights and transport to a hotel. 

‘Your return flights will be pre-booked and paid and an airport transfer and payment of $1,500,’ Mynott said in a text, the ABC reported.

The pair then drank alcohol together and watched pornography before having sex, but Mynott never paid for the service.

The second escort was promised $2,000 to be flown from Victoria.

Mynott then offered another $500 for the escort to engage in a threesome, saying he would get cash out from an ATM.

After their night together, Mynott left and did not respond to any of the sex worker’s texts.

The victim eventually tracked down Mynott after finding mail with his real name on it before going to police.

In one of the escorts’ victim statement to the court, the man said he felt deeply betrayed and upset.

‘I was relying on the money. I couldn’t pay rent or buy food and I had to ask friends for money,’ he said. 

Chief Justice Helen Murrell said neither of the offences were ‘particularly sophisticated’.

‘But sex workers are vulnerable to sexual offences of this kind,’ she said.

Mynott had struggled with a methamphetamine addiction and lived with his mother, the court heard.

He had also appeared on advertising for ACT public transport. 

A psychological report found Mynott used sex to boost his self-esteem.

He had also been given a two-year sentence to be served in the community in January for racking up $11,000 in stolen credit cards while working at a firewood supply business.

Mynott will be eligible for parole in December next year.   

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