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Forget dressing for your shape, let your horoscope rule your wardrobe

EVER looked to the stars for a steer on style?

Astrologer Francesca Oddie has teamed up with to give fashion advice.

She says: ‘Your zodiac affects what you wear, since your horoscope reflects and defines your tastes.’

Here, Francesca explains the trends and colours linked to each star sign, while Siobhan O’Connor reveals celebs’ celestial styles and picks the best high-street buys for each.

AMBITIOUS and practical, you love to be suited and booted, with smart, structured pieces such as a blazer.

But only in neutral, muted colours, of course.

Your wardrobe consists mainly of black, beige and navy, as classic colours to you are functional – just like supermodel Kate Moss, 46.

Made for you: Camel blazer, £59; trousers, £30, both Topshop – buy now

WITH a neat and tidy attitude, you have a fondness for basics style-wise, too. And a must-have in any Virgo’s wardrobe is a miniskirt or the timeless LBD.

In the Sixties, there were a lot of planets in Virgo and Uranus  . . . and Pluto handed us the mini.

Pussycat Dolls star Ashley Roberts, 38, is a fan of the thigh-grazing length.

Made for you: Mini-skirt, £20, – buy now

YOUR nature is down-to-earth but sensual, too.

Taurus enjoys luxury and this is shown through your penchant for plush fabrics such as velvet and soft silks. You are also drawn to floral prints, as befits an earth sign.

That is true of Good Morning Britain host Charlotte Hawkins, 45, who favours blooming floral frocks.

Made for you: Floral dress, £29.99, Zara – buy now

WITH an easy-going nature, you are happiest in casuals. But you are loud with colour and take the view: “Whack it on, I’ll be fine.”

You like to draw attention to your waist area, as this sign rules the hips.

Singer Rita Ora, 29, often shares selfies wearing loungewear and crop tops.

Made for you: Pink loungewear crop top, £9.99; matching bottoms, £15.99; both New Look – buy now

DIRECTNESS is a common trait in Aries and your day-to-day outfits are fuss-free and often mono-chrome, like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, 33.

You are drawn to sporty looks and, as Aries rules the head, you love a hat or headband.

Controlled by Mars, the Red Planet, you are attracted to red clothing or a daring-red lipstick.

Made for you: Red bucket hat, £3, Primark – buy now

BEING the sign of a cat, you have that special connection with animal prints, particularly leopard.

You are brave in life and in your fashion choices, too – never shying away from sequins and vibrant colours.

Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez, 51, roars with Leo confidence.

Made for you: High-waisted leopard-print skirt, £38, – buy now

YOU are ruled by the moon, making white your must-have shade. As the moon is cyclical, you like to keep up with changing trends, which are also cyclical in nature.

Cancer rules the breasts, so a low-cut neckline or bra top is your go-to for a night out.

Aussie actress Margot Robbie, 30, has often gone all white, on the red carpet and off it.

Made for you: White dress, £25, F&F at Tesco – buy now

TRADITIONALLY floaty and feminine, you are drawn to mermaid hues of blue, green and purple.

You have a lot of pastels, reflecting your tendency to avoid confrontation and get on with everyone. You are the most bohemian of the bunch and often look festival-ready.

Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown favours mermaid hues and pastels.

Made for you: Lilac skirt, £20, H&M – buy now

THIS sign rules the sexual organs, so you always feel best with a sultry look.

You like to appear mysterious – with black, deep red and leather featuring in your going-out collection. Skinny jeans and knee-high boots are in, too.

In recent months, we have seen model Kendall Jenner, 24, head out with various leather looks.

Made for you: Brown leather trousers, £32, Next – buy now

YOU are a social butterfly who embarks on a host of trends. If there is one colour in which you are often spotted, it is yellow – reflecting your cheerfulness.

Since you are so versatile, you easily transition from sportswear by day to something dressier at night.

Model Emily Ratajkowski, 29, often rocks sunny frocks and even got married in a yellow suit.

Made for you: Yellow dress, £55, – buy now

YOU won’t be found following the rules, because you don’t like fitting in.

Asymmetric hems rule your wardrobe, while your fun personality is portrayed through clashing prints and mismatched items.

Singer Alicia Keys, 39, frequently throws together patterns, bright colours and bold accessories . . . but she still looks hot like a Girl On Fire.

Made for you: Clashing print top, £45, Monsoon – buy now

THE sign of refinement, you are well put together, with presentable, considered outfits.

Coordinated sets make you feel confident, while accessories will match or compliment perfectly.

Reality TV superstar Kim Kardashian, 39, does this repeatedly and sometimes even matches her hair colour to her look.

Made for you: Pink cami, £25; midi skirt, £24; both – buy now

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