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Foreo warns against using cheaper ‘dupes’ of its skin cleansing devices

A popular beauty brand that sells one of its products every three seconds around the world has warned against buying cheaper ‘dupes’ that aren’t rigorously tested, handmade or contain medical-grade silicone.

Swedish company FOREO, which sells its products in Australia, launched its iconic LUNA device in 2013, growing at rapid speed and winning over 180 design and product awards to date.

Its ingenious design has prompted other businesses to ‘replicate’ the LUNA for half the price. The third generation LUNA for normal skin retails at AUD$299.

While this might seem like a cost-effective measure at the time FOREO says these brands don’t use anti-bacterial, hypo allergenic and non-abrasive material to make them and don’t trial and test them before mass production.

‘One of the key features of the LUNA device is its waterproof component; battery-operated cleansing devices that contain electrical currents require stringent safety measures,’ a spokesperson for the brand told FEMAIL.

‘The LUNA range underwent rigorous trials and testing in order to be safe for use in conjunction with water.

‘All FOREO products go through meticulous trial and testing, with each and every device made by hand in reputable and regulated factories to ensure quality control.’ 

If you purchase a cleansing brush outside of the range offered at FOREO you could be subjecting yourself to physical burns and other injuries associated with unregulated technology. 

You could also unwittingly be supporting child labour or unfair work wages for employees, because you don’t know where they are made or how.

FOREO has 30 open investigations on design infringement at any given moment and its most recent case – which they won – awarded the company AUD$630,000 in damages. 

The original LUNA features 8000 pulsations per minute to ensure the customer is getting a deeper cleanse, with an anti-aging massage function on the back. 

‘Duplicate products are easily identified with messy design and limited functionalities,’ the spokesperson said.

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