For decades, the Royal Family’s “secret gem” aided Queen Elizabeth II in achieving success behind the scenes.


For decades, the Royal Family’s “secret gem” aided Queen Elizabeth II in achieving success behind the scenes.

QUEEN Elizabeth’s ascension to the throne has been credited to a “national hidden gem” who has stood by her side for years and guided her through the most trying of times.

The success of Queen Elizabeth II has been ascribed to “one of the most revered personalities in the British monarchy,” who has always been supportive of the monarch and has always put her first. Royal observers have commended Princess Alexandra, the Queen’s first cousin and close ally, describing how the lesser-known royal has assisted the Queen during her reign. As royal specialists praised her in Channel 5’s royal documentary Princess Alexandra: The Queen’s Confidant, one royal historian called her a “secret national treasure” in the Royal Family.

Princess Alexandra of Kent was born to Prince George, Duke of Kent, and Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark, and was the sixth in line of succession to the British throne at the time of her birth.

Princess Alexandra has been a close companion to the Queen from childhood, despite being a decade younger than her cousin, and has routinely supported her during formal engagements.

“The most successful members of the family are those who do not compete with the Queen but are supportive of her, and she is very much in that category,” royal biographer Hugo Vickers said in the documentary.

“Princess Alexandra has always knew her own, she’s always done it to perfection, and it’s thanks to members of the Royal Family like Princess Alexandra that the monarchy is the success that it is,” Princess Margaret’s official biographer Christopher Warwick stated.

Because of the crucial role she played, the Queen insisted on including her beloved cousin in the wedding.

Princess Alexandra had dedicated herself to public service since the late 1950s, attending roughly 120 engagements each year on average to promote the Royal Family.

“I suppose she could be described as something of a hidden national treasure,” said Ed Owens, a royal historian.

The Queen hosted a reception in November 2016 ahead of Princess Alexandra’s 80th birthday to honor the work of her charities as a token of her gratitude.

The Princess is a Patron or President of over 100 charities and organizations as a working royal, including the Florence Nightingale Foundation, Anchor, Children, and the Florence Nightingale Foundation. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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