For Collected Recrooster Trophies, ‘Far Cry 6’ Has a Cockfighting Mini-Game.


“Far Cry 6” has a mini-game about “Cockfighting”, and it is both illegal in the game and real life, but the good thing is that everything that happens there is digital and in the game only. Note that this does not violate any real-world laws, and the open-world game is focusing on having it available for “Recroosters” only, which are one of the trophies in-game.

The game from Ubisoft is a massive one and was most awaited since last year, especially as the latest consoles from gaming companies bring new features for 4K and better graphics. “Far Cry” has been a game that has featured mind-boggling graphics, as well as gameplay that highly immerses a player in the world.

‘Far Cry 6’ Cockfighting and the Recrooster

“Far Cry 6” is an unbelievable game for its reviews and gamers, especially the fans of the franchise that focused on the plot and the introduction of the new villain of the title. It features Giancarlo Esposito, who is the known baddie in “Breaking Bad,” where he plays Gustavo Fring, or the head of the Mexican cartel in America.

But the cockfighting mini-game, which gamers cannot get over with because of its entertaining gameplay and a breath of fresh air. It is not a homage, as Gustavo Fring owns a fried chicken chain restaurant called “Los Pollos Hermanos.”

However, cockfighting in “Far Cry 6” is a look at the method of entertainment in a poor country, and in this case, “Yara,” where it is a tradition by the locals.

Moreover, users are advised to collect “Recrooster” trophies throughout the game, and it would give them a special mod of the rooster, which has different designs and looks. These chickens would not be worthless displays only, as they can fight against one another.

PS5 Trophies said that there are 19 roosters to collect, but only 13 are required unless users are subscribed to Ubisoft’s Connect.

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Cockfighting in ‘Far Cry 6’

Users can either toggle this by going around different “barrios”, which have cockfighting arenas or stadiums. Moreover, it can be seen on the Main Menu of the game once unlocked.

The addition of cockfights to the game is a phenomenon in the game, as it brings a new mini-game that was not thought of before, even on Mexican-themed titles. Even more so, it is a game where users can play. Brinkwire Summary News.


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