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Footage shows boy, 6, recovering from a fractured spine after a car crash that killed his father

Heartbreaking footage captures a six-year-old boy struggling to move as he recovers from a fractured spine after a car crash that killed this father.


Khan Chambers and his father Shane were on their way to the movies to celebrate the boy’s birthday on June 10 when they slammed into a Toyota LandCruiser in their hometown of Bridgetown, three hours south of Perth. 

The young boy is slowly recovering from his injuries and will undergo rehabilitation for at least three more months until he has recovered, according to 9News.

Khan suffered a fractured spine, collarbone, internal injuries and bleeding on the brain in the horrific accident.

In addition to an extensive physical rehabilitation his mental recovery has a long way to go, according to his mother Kay.

‘He knows what’s happened, he is still computing, when he is ready he’ll pull it out of the little box and go through it with you then he’ll put it back away,’ she said.

Ms Chambers said it was only at the last minute that she decided to not join him in the car with his 18-month-old brother Odin after he started to become restless.

‘That’s one of the thoughts that first went through my mind and then it just would have been Khan just by himself no family basically,’ Ms Chambers said.

Ms Chambers has also been left to deal with the financial impact of her son’s long term recovery away from home and her husband’s death, according to a GoFundMe set up to ease the burden.

‘Khan has told his mum some details of the final moments in the crash that any parent would wish they could forget,’ it read.

‘Since Shane’s passing, it has left Kay trying to deal with Khan being in hospital three to four hours away from their home in Bridgetown. 

‘(This) means she had to stay at Ronald McDonald House in Perth with Odin for roughly 2 weeks, then having to move to her sister’s place, having to pay for Shane’s funeral and paying mortgage on the house. 

‘Everything she has been left to pay and do is more than $175,000.’

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