Food shortages are causing havoc in the UK, with falling potato supplies and a warning about fish and chips.


Food shortages are causing havoc in the UK, with falling potato supplies and a warning about fish and chips.

FEARS OF FOOD SHORTAGE have hit the United Kingdom, with supplies of chips and roast potatoes diminishing, putting crucial ingredients of popular and traditional meals in jeopardy.

A potato shortage has been blamed on Brexit, as well as the recent severe floods in Germany, labor shortages, inflation, and the coronavirus outbreak. Because of a “perfect storm” of challenges affecting supply chains, Britain has been warned that it could face a devastating potato shortage, which could leave supermarkets and stores devoid of oven chips. The variables that could lead to such a damaging shortage were noted in a report by Lynx Purchasing, a renowned food and hotel purchasing organization based in the United Kingdom.

LYNX managing director Rachel Dobson cautioned that the severe floods that have devastated portions of Europe in recent weeks have had a significant impact on potato growers and processors.

This will have a “knock-on impact” on the availability of potatoes farmed in the United Kingdom, perhaps resulting in serious shortages of the popular staple for tens of millions of people.

“The recent floods in Europe have impacted potato growers and processors in the region, with frozen chip kinds being particularly hard hit,” she said.

“This means that pubs and restaurants in the United Kingdom that serve popular foods like fish and chips may find that their normal supplier is unable to deliver.

“The international scarcity is likely to have an impact on the availability of potatoes cultivated in the United Kingdom.

“We might find that the roast potato, a staple of festive feasts, is also in limited supply come Christmas.”

The Irish Farmers Association (IFA) has warned that torrential rain has pounded Germany, Belgium, and Belgium in recent weeks, killing hundreds of people and destroying up to 20,000 hectares of agricultural land.

The IFA has also issued a warning about Europe’s potato harvest, which is expected to offer a lower-quality, lower-yielding crop than usual.

These latest warnings come as transportation executives call on the UK government to address a nationwide truck driver shortage urgently, fearing that grocery shelves would become increasingly bare.

The scarcity of roughly 100,000 heavy-goods-vehicle drivers has put enormous strain on food supply lines.

There are now calls for the British Army to deploy HGV drivers to help alleviate the country’s chronic shortage of truckers and food.

At a meeting between officials from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and the food sector, this plea was made. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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