Following the Duchess’s ‘low key’ 40th celebrations, Kate and William will throw a ‘joint party.’


Following the Duchess’s ‘low key’ 40th celebrations, Kate and William will throw a ‘joint party.’

Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, has decided to postpone her 40th birthday celebrations in favor of a larger party with Prince William later in the year.

On January 9, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, will turn 40 years old.

After having to cancel a party last year due to the ongoing pandemic, the Duchess of Cambridge is expected to celebrate with another family day.

However, royal biographer Ingrid Seward speculated that the royal couple may simply postpone the celebrations in order to have a “joint party” later in the year with husband Prince William.

This year, Prince William will turn 40, with his birthday falling on June 21.

Ms Seward told True Royalty’s Royal Beat: “I think it’ll be fairly low-key this weekend.”

“And then she and William, whose birthday is June 21, will have a joint party later this year, probably after the Platinum Jubilee celebrations are over.”

“And then we can really celebrate.”

According to royal commentator Neil Sean, the Duke of Cambridge had hoped to throw a special party for the Duchess of Cambridge before the reintroduction of restrictions in December.

“According to reliable sources, Catherine’s problem is that Prince William wanted to throw a big party,” Mr Sean explained.

“There’s a bigger problem, and it’s a two-fold problem.

“Prince William had planned the first stages of a large party for next year, but the problem of ongoing measures, lockdowns, makes it very difficult to organize anything.”

“We recently witnessed Her Majesty the Queen planning the entire Christmas season at Sandringham,” he continued.

“Can you imagine? She’s spent hours wrapping presents, putting them under the tree, and putting the food away.

“These things take a lot of planning, and then they’re canceled at the last minute.”

“Of course, the bigger issue is that Prince William can’t really organize that kind of party, but it could be a blessing in disguise.”

According to The Mirror, the Duchess will “celebrate privately with her family for the time being.”

“This year’s celebration will be much more intimate for the Duchess, who will celebrate privately with her family,” they said.

“She is, of course, aware of the current situation.

“All that matters is that she will be surrounded by loved ones.”


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