Following Piers Morgan’s victory at the Ofcom, Meghan Markle will be “more motivated than ever.”


Following Piers Morgan’s victory at the Ofcom, Meghan Markle will be “more motivated than ever.”

According to one analyst, Meghan Markle will be “more motivated than ever” following Piers Morgan’s success at the Ofcom.

The watchdog allowed Mr Morgan’s comments on Good Morning Britain about the Duchess of Sussex’s Oprah Winfrey interview this week. According to pundit Adam Helliker, Meghan, who left her royal duties with Prince Harry last year for a new life in California, will be “more determined than ever” as a result of the decision.

“I think she’ll feel more determined, and it’ll up her game, so to speak,” Mr Helliker told the Sun.

“She will persuade all of her supporters that this is how Britain works.

“I believe she will regard it as simply another means of ensuring the safety of the Royal Family.

“And it’s simply – the chasm is getting wider and wider.

“And the longer it goes on, the wider the gulf becomes, the more you wonder how they’ll ever recover.

“They’ll step up their game in terms of issuing more comments, being more self-sufficient, and pushing back even further.”

On Wednesday, Ofcom determined that Mr Morgan’s remarks against the Duchess of Cornwall did not violate the broadcasting code.

His comments on Meghan’s interview on GMB triggered more than 50,000 complaints, the most ever received by the watchdog.

Mr Morgan abruptly quit the ITV show after admitting he didn’t believe the former Suits actress’s claims.

When she approached the monarchy in a suicidal state, the Duchess said she was ignored, and she accused an anonymous royal of making a racial remark about Archie.

Mr Morgan criticized the interview the next morning, saying, “I’m sorry, I don’t believe a word she says.”

“If she read me a weather report, I wouldn’t believe her.”

Ofcom warned his remarks were “possibly detrimental and very unpleasant,” yet his co-host Susanna Reid and ITV News’ royal editor Chris Ship grilled him throughout the show.

“The code allows individuals to express passionately held and powerfully articulated opinions, even those that are potentially damaging or highly offensive, and broadcasters to include these in their programming,” according to the ruling.

“Limitation of such ideas, in our opinion, would be an unjustified and stifling restriction on both the broadcaster’s and the audience’s freedom of expression.”

The verdict was hailed as a “landmark ruling” by Mr Morgan.


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