Following his humiliation over France’s AUKUS snub, Emmanuel Macron flees to Greece.


Following his humiliation over France’s AUKUS snub, Emmanuel Macron flees to Greece.

After France was left out of AUKUS, EMMANUEL MACRON was compelled to strengthen military ties with Greece.

Emmanuel Macron has turned to Greece in an attempt to recover from France’s humiliation as a member of the AUKUS alliance. The alliance was launched earlier this month by the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia as part of a larger campaign to challenge China. Australia also ditched a pact with France for a new submarine fleet under the AUKUS accord, and Paris has since turned to the Greek Navy under an arrangement to sell off a fleet of frigates.

Annette Young, a reporter for France24, reported: “Greece has agreed to build three new frigates with France as Paris tries to recover from the loss of a major submarine contract with Australia.

“The leaders of both countries inked a strategic defense and security cooperation pact as part of their attempts to boost European military autonomy.

“Athens also has the option to purchase a fourth frigate from Paris under the arrangement.”

It comes after the French President urged EU countries to quit being “naive” about defense issues.

President Macron remarked at a press conference on Tuesday: “When we are under growing pressure from other forces to react, Europeans must stop being naive.

He also urged European countries to “demonstrate that we have the power and capacity to protect ourselves in the face of rising tensions.”

“It’s just a means of gaining respect.”

The Franco-Greek agreement comes as rumors surface that Australia has been obliged to dispatch counsellors to assist ‘terribly distressed’ aides following the collapse of a deal to deliver submarines to the French Navy.

Chris Smith, the show’s host, told Sky News Australia: “I couldn’t believe it when I heard that counselors were being sent in to help people working on the diesel subs project.

“Because the senior brass at the ADF (Australian Defence Forces) are concerned that the agreement will be canceled, they are concerned that they will be quite upset.

“Precious petals in the navy,” says the narrator.

Prue MacSween, a social analyst, added her two cents: “Yes, those poor dithums.

“I understand how frustrating it can be to work on a project for years and then have it suddenly taken out from under you.

“You shouldn’t have started working on that project in the first place,” she continued.

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