Following his dying experience, he feels he has discovered the “truth” of afterlife.


Following his dying experience, he feels he has discovered the “truth” of afterlife.

A MAN who died for a short period of time says he saw the “reality” of the “other side,” where he was lifted to a higher state of consciousness.

A man feels he has the answers to whether there is life after death after having a near-death experience. Scott claims he went over to the other side after a car accident and was in the presence of a “supreme creature.” Scott was given a higher state of consciousness in which he was free of cares and melancholy.

The Near Death Experience Research Foundation published Scott’s account of his near-death experience.

“I was in a new consciousness, a more aware, higher condition of being,” he explained. Even though I knew I had loved ones on Earth, including a kid, I did not want to return.

“Where I was was so magnificent that it surpassed all of my earthly experiences. There was a distinct sense of being loved without anxiety or despair.

“I’ve spent most of my life in and out of prison, and it’s been my whole existence since I was a kid. These sanctions had no effect on my addictions, and in fact may have exacerbated them.

“I experienced a brief period of sobriety by attending meetings, but the underlying craving remained. I’d eventually end up back at the crack house.

“This encounter has taken away my desire. Our time here is so brief, and I feel compelled to return to tell others the TRUTH.

“We do not simply place the body in a grave and leave it there. Rather, that is the start of truly living.”

Scott now claims to live a happier life, and researchers believe that near-death experiences and belief in the afterlife can result in beneficial changes.

“Holding open these notions about the potential of immortality can have positive consequences on health,” Suzanne Newcombe, lecturer in Religious Studies at The Open University, noted on the OU’s OpenLearn pages about Life After Death.

“From a biological standpoint, this hope may aid the body in fighting illnesses, boost the odds of spontaneous remissions, or allow the sickness to take its course, resulting in more equanimity for the patient.

“However, even if no biological change occurs, focusing on the idea of immortality might help some people disidentify from their physical anguish and create a more tranquil relationship with.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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