Following her move to the United States, Meghan Markle has finally found peace with herself.


Meghan Markle is finally ‘at peace’ with herself following her move to the United States.

MEGHAN MARKLE appears “at peace” with herself after moving to the United States with Prince Harry, according to Caitlyn Jenner.

The Sussexes left their royal duties in the early months of 2020, less than two years after their May 2018 wedding. Since then, they’ve signed major deals with companies like Netflix, established their own charitable foundation, and made a number of high-profile media appearances.

Since it aired in its entirety on Thursday evening, Meghan Markle’s interview with stand-up comedian Ellen DeGeneres has dominated headlines.

Caitlyn Jenner reacted to Meghan’s latest appearance by saying she looked “at peace” with herself for the first time since joining the Royal Family.

Meghan’s interview, according to the reality star, was “great for her.”

“I believe Meghan is in an extremely difficult position,” she told Good Morning Britain.

“She’s from out here in LA, meets the love of her life, returns to England, and all of a sudden she’s a member of the Royal Family.”

Meghan appears to be “so much more real and at peace with herself,” according to Jenner, now that she has left the UK for the United States.

“I kind of had a royal family here in California,” she joked, referring to the Kardashians.

“It takes some time to figure out where you belong.”

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Jenner speculated that while living in the UK, Meghan Markle was likely to have struggled with the “very tough” British media.

“That’s difficult to deal with if you’re not used to it,” she said.

This came after Prince Harry chastised the British media for “creating” rather than “reporting” news.

“[The UK press] has successfully turned fact-based news into opinion-based gossip with devastating consequences for the country,” he told American magazine WIRED earlier this month.

Meghan isn’t the only one who is said to be enjoying life away from the Royal Family.

Prince Harry, according to a royal insider, has felt “liberated” since moving to America earlier this year.

They went on to say that leaving the UK was the “best decision he’s ever made.”

Meghan Markle’s appearance on the Ellen Show reignited calls for the couple’s titles to be taken away.

“Now is definitely the time to strip Meghan,” one royal supporter said.

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