Following “extremely harsh” criticism of the young royal, Prince George will be kept “out of the limelight.”


Following “extremely harsh” criticism of the young royal, Prince George will be kept “out of the limelight.”

According to a royal pundit, Prince George will be kept out of the spotlight by the Royal Family following some “quite severe” criticism.

Prince George received a lot of attention on social media after he was photographed celebrating England’s first goal in the Euro 2020 final, according to Robert Jobson of Sunrise. While the young prince is popular with the public, the Royal Family is attempting to keep him out of the spotlight, according to the royal analyst.

“With George, he got a lot of social media attention,” Mr Jobson added.

“Some people chastised him for wearing a shirt and tie like his father, which I thought was unfair.

“He’s really well-liked, but I believe they’ll attempt to keep him out of the spotlight for a while.

“They are very aware of this.

“The images with his father when he was celebrating for that all-too-brief period were fantastic.”

Prince George was teased on social media when he was photographed appearing apprehensive during England’s penalty shootout loss to Italy at Wembley on Sunday.

As the game went to penalties, Rebecca English, the royal editor of the Daily Mail, published five images of the boy appearing quite frightened.

“Prince George sums up the sentiment of the nation #penalties #Euro2020Final #ENGITA,” Ms English captioned the photo.

Some social media users mocked the young prince in response to the tweet.


“Doesn’t sum up the emotions in Scotland,” another said.

“And this royal presence is intended to persuade Scotland to remain in the union?” Certainly not.”

Other members of the public, on the other hand, praised Prince George’s celebration during the game, which came just two minutes after Luke Shaw put England ahead in the Euro 2020 final.

“I can’t, this is the sweetest, I’m melting,” one Twitter user commented.

“At Wembley Stadium, Prince George embraces his mother, The Duchess of Cambridge.”

“That footage of Prince George celebrating with his mother and father was perfect,” another tweeted.


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