Following Alastair Campbell’s heated Boris outburst, GMB was inundated with Ofcom complaints.


Good Morning Britain has received a whopping 66 complaints to broadcasting watchdog Ofcom for ‘bias against the government’ after airing a controversial segment about the Prime Minister

Good Morning Britain has been hit with 66 Ofcom complaints for ‘bias against the government’ after Alastair Campbell hit out at Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

It comes after the PM had ‘boycotted’ the ITV morning show for 1,563 days in a row on October 5th.

Accusations have been following the Prime Minister that he has been “hiding” from the show, despite appearing on rival programmes including BBC Breakfast with Dan Walker.

ITV aired a controversial clip of Johnson walking away from Ranvir Singh at the Conservative Party conference earlier this month.

Ranvir could be heard calling: “Prime Minister!”

The PM glanced over and put his hand up as she continued: “Good Morning Britain would like to have you on the show!”

Johnson simply kept walking as Ranvir explained how many days he had been absent from the programme.

Later, guest presenter Alastair Campbell shocked his co-presenter Susanna Reid – and viewers at home – when he branded the PM a “coward”.

Alastair said: “563 days. I mean look, you’re not allowed to use the c-word on this programme but the guy is a coward. And he is a charlatan.”

When he asked if Susanna agreed with his assessment, she simply responded: “Well, it would be lovely to have him on the programme this morning. That’s what I’ll say.

“A warm invitation to you Prime Minister, I’m sure you’re watching this morning. We’d very much like to talk to you.”

Viewers on Twitter instantly reprimanded Alastair as biased towards the government, with 66 audience members also contacting broadcasting watchdog Ofcom to make their complaints official.

Figures released on Wednesday, October 13 confirmed that the complaints concerned political bias.

One social media user penned at the time: “I like Alastair Campbell but his political bias toward his previous employers is ridiculous.”

Another echoed: “I won’t agree with everything @BorisJohnson does or says but to publicly humiliation calling him a coward is just damn right disgusting, surely a journalist/reporter/broadcaster should be neutral #GMB.”

Alastair, of course, worked closely with Tony Blair’s Labour government from 1997 until 2003.

He acted as the PM’s Official Spokesperson, the Press Secretary for Downing Street and Director of Communications and Strategy for No. 10.

He left the Labour party in 2019.

Good Morning Britain airs from 6am weekdays on ITV.

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