Follow the new international holiday regulations or you may be denied admission back into the country.


Follow the new international holiday regulations or you may be denied admission back into the country.

Sunbathers and those contemplating a reunion with overseas friends and relatives are making meticulous preparations as they prepare to travel abroad for the first time in months.

Traveling internationally has evolved, with government regulations in place to keep everyone safe and preserve their health as they embark on overseas travel, so there are a few things you should check before you go.

Traveling overseas will almost certainly be different from your previous trips. The government recognizes the importance of taking a cautious approach in order to maintain public health and the immunization program’s effectiveness. That is why it has implemented a traffic light system with Red, Amber, and Green destinations to balance international travel reopening with the risk of Covid-19 and imported versions.

Because rules and instructions might change at any time, you should take precautions before traveling and stay safe while overseas in case circumstances change.

Know the rules: You can travel to nations on the Green and Amber Lists, but not the Red List. For a step-by-step guide to the things you need to do for a safe journey, go to Various countries have different Covid-19 restrictions, so you’ll need to double-check those as well.

Get a test: Make sure you book a Covid-19 PCR test and fill out the necessary paperwork (such as passenger locator papers) for your destination and return to the UK.

Check the validity of your passport at, and allow up to ten weeks for the renewal process. Because the laws have changed since the UK left the EU, it’s advisable to start planning ahead of time. To make sure you’re following any new rules, go to

Make that your travel insurance covers all of your needs, including healthcare, and that you have an up-to-date EHIC or a new GHIC. This may have changed since your last trip abroad, so double-check before you leave.

Remember your pets: Check the applicable restrictions at if you’re driving, traveling with a pet, or bringing things such as food and drink with you.

Make sure you’re cleared to enter: Various countries have different restrictions during the pandemic, thus you may require a Covid-19 status certificate (either via “Brinkwire Summary News” or “Covid-19 Status Certificate”).


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