Flooding in Germany: Where are the flooded areas in Germany? There are nine people killed and 70 people missing.


Flooding in Germany: Where are the flooded areas in Germany? There are nine people killed and 70 people missing.

After abnormally harsh weather, Germany has been devastated with once-in-a-generation flooding.

Rainstorms have wreaked havoc on Germany’s western state of Rhineland-Palatinate, inflicting death and destruction, as well as the collapse of multiple homes. According to German authorities, nine people are confirmed to have died, with another 70 others still missing.

On Wednesday, two firefighters died while attempting to assist stranded civilians.

According to the DPA news agency, one drowned and the other fainted after a rescue mission.

According to Reuters, 70 individuals are now missing, and another 25 homes are in danger of collapsing.

“We presently have an unknown number of persons on roofs who need to be rescued,” a Koblenz police official told Reuters.

“Firefighters and rescuers have been sent in a number of locations.

“We don’t have a clear picture yet because rescue efforts are ongoing.”

To assist stranded residents, the army has been deployed to several locations.

Heavy rainstorms are anticipated to hammer the region on Thursday, with heavy rainstorms possible in southwestern Germany.

In a morning statement, the German Weather Service predicted that rain would continue until Friday evening.

After the Volme river burst its banks, the country’s weather agency issued an extreme weather warning for parts of three western states, and Hagen, a city of 180,000 people, declared a state of emergency.

Experts have warned that climate change will increase the frequency of extreme weather events like these, but it’s difficult to attribute any particular event to global warming.

The worst of the flooding has been in the Rhineland-Palatinate state in Germany’s south west, roughly west of Frankfurt and south west of Cologne, where around 50 people have been waiting for rescue on rooftops.

According to SWR, dozens more people are missing in the steep Eifel region after multiple homes fell.

The Ahr river breached its banks south of Bonn, causing flooding.

According to German television, another 25 homes in the Eiffel region’s Schuld bei Adenau area are in danger of collapsing.

In Hagen, crisis teams have predicted that water levels would reach levels not seen in more than four centuries in the coming hours, and have advised residents living along the town’s rivers to seek higher ground immediately.

There had to be one care home in Hagen. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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