Flooding has brought the Tube to a halt in London, and the Circle Line has been suspended.


Flooding has brought the Tube to a halt in London, and the Circle Line has been suspended.

Tube stations in London have been forced to close owing to flooding, putting people in perilous situations.

The intensity of the severe weather conditions observed in London has been captured on video. Major flooding has happened at the Circle and District line’s Sloane Square Station in London, as well as numerous other locations throughout the metropolis. As TFL attempts to deal with the water situation, the Circle Line has been fully suspended.

Parts of the District and Hammersmith and City lines have been suspended, but several stations and tubes are still operational.

Other footage has surfaced of the Baker Street subway station, which is also flooded.

Users on social media have voiced their disbelief at the scenes and unusual weather in the city.

“This is simply horrific, I heard Sloane Square had flooding concerns before but I never dreamed it could have water rush down the stairs,” one Twitter user remarked of the scenes at Sloane Square.

“I always assumed there was just a couple puddles somewhere, and they shut it down out of prudence or whatever.

These clips, on the other hand, really make you think.”

“Never seen this before and can’t figure out how it’s happening,” wrote another.

“Has there been a lot of rain?” Is it true that the drains aren’t being cleaned?”

Another joked, “Mind the Flood,” a play on the TFL phrase “mind the gap.”

Despite the continued flooding problems, BBC Weather reports that the city would not experience weather conditions identical to those experienced in the previous 24 hours.

“We anticipated around a month’s worth of rain would fall in a short period of time, and it definitely did,” said BBC Weather forecaster Matt Taylor.

“Topcliffe, Yorkshire, received exactly one month’s worth of rain.

“Kew did it, and Swanage wasn’t far behind.”

After then, the BBC meteorologist displayed video of heavy flooding in London.

Mr Taylor, on the other hand, predicted that the weather will be more steady on Tuesday, with sunny intervals and sporadic showers.


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